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Get Unlimited with Caliper Subscriptions2019-02-13T10:38:47+00:00

When looking to hire and develop top performers, paying per assessment or report is costly, unpredictable, and nearly impossible to budget for. With Caliper’s subscription packages, you get access to virtually unlimited reports at your fingertips to meet the constantly changing needs of your organization. Our subscription is designed to scale with your business and stay on budget so you can pivot from recruiting to coaching at a moment’s notice.

Your Caliper subscription includes:

  •  Caliper Essentials™ for SelectionInterpretative report that includes a fit score, specific behavioral interview questions and onboarding tips
  •  Caliper Essentials™ for CoachingCoaching guide to help managers coach, develop,. and onboard an employee
  •  Individual Developmental GuideDetailed development report for employees to provide self-awareness and tailored development suggestions
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