Herb Greenberg, Ph.D. lost his sight at the age of ten… and since then has seen—and pushed others to see—that which many people overlook: Our own potential and the potential of those around us.


Dr. Greenberg is the founder and CEO of Caliper, a globally recognized talent-management consulting firm based in Princeton, New Jersey, that helps large and small companies hire and develop the right people and ultimately transform their businesses.


Herb’s inspiring story is a catalyst for understanding the inner strength and leadership potential in all of us. Herb has not only overcome incredible challenges with amazing positivity and drive, he’s also been able to help countless others create their own definitions of success.


This book, written by author Patrick Sweeney, provides lessons on overcoming adversity, staying true to oneself, and embracing rejection in a way that will resonate with leaders all over the world.

By uniquely combining an entrepreneur’s inspiring personal story with practical ideas and insights, this book will help you become the leader you were meant to be. It will help you consider what you might not be seeing – so that you can look more clearly inside yourself, and see new possibilities around you.


Patrick Sweeney


What You Aren’t Seeing

Your leadership journey starts with your story.