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Validation Studies

Bring clarity and accuracy to your hiring process through a scientific analysis of job-performance drivers.

To gauge candidates’ potential for success in a particular job at a particular company with the absolute highest degree of accuracy and specificity possible, you need a Validation Study. It’s a comprehensive approach that scientifically maps the Caliper Profile to the role’s unique combination of job requirements, bringing tremendous value as a tool that can be used enterprise-wide for important volume positions (such as Branch Manager or Territory Sales Representative).

To complete such a study, Caliper’s experts conduct a thorough job analysis, collect a broad sample of Caliper Profile results, and gather objective performance data about people who currently hold the position.

We then evaluate the findings through the use of complex statistical formulas. Once this process has been completed, we build a scientifically based model of success that aligns potential, behavior, and results. The client receives a fully customized report that is specific to a role.

The end result of a Validation Study is a custom-reporting format that integrates an applicant’s motivations, competencies, and behavioral tendencies with the performance requirements for the role.

More about the deliverable: We custom build and upload an industry-unique report that is available only to your organization whenever you assess an applicant for the role we analyzed. It typically includes a numeric score to identify your applicant’s job fit relative to the ideal-performer model.

The model of potential, behavior, and results will provide the basis for an accurate and effective process for making selection, hiring, succession, and development decisions, and the performance requirements used in a study will align with your company’s strategies.

The Benefits of a Validation Study:

  • Link Caliper Profile results to the expected outcomes and tasks required for success in a role
  • Illustrate the tasks and personality traits most closely related to high performance and focus on closing gaps between current performance and what is required to meet goals
  • Enable Caliper to collect performance data related to your company’s goals and tie the information directly to our services, so you receive a positive return on your investment
  • Ensure that your hiring practices are fully compliant with EEOC, ADA, and other legal protocols related to effective and fair hiring and promotion practices

To learn more about Validation Studies and other high-level talent-management options, use the contact form on this page.

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