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Caliper University

Provide your employees with soft skills training that will accelerate their development and help your company achieve real, measurable and desired results.

We start with a clear understanding of each individual’s strengths, motivations, and developmental opportunities. And we end with your goals being achieved. In between, each participant becomes engaged in his or her own development and fully committed to achieving your team’s objectives.

Our approach is engaging and interactive. Unlike any other learning approach, we have discovered a way that combines the best of both worlds – personalized learning in a workshop setting.

Each course is powered by Caliper in that it uses the insights of your own Caliper Profile. Whatever your business objectives, Caliper University can be customized to meet your needs.


Get on The Fast Track for Employee Development. Choose the path that will take your employees where they need to go.


Leading within an organization requires vision, authenticity, and drive.  Caliper University courses are designed to enhance the skills of current leaders and support the development of new leaders, so that your organization is prepared to face the challenges of today’s business environment. 
Managers face unique challenges as they balance strategic direction with day-to-day oversight of their teams. The Management Path of Caliper University is designed to prepare and arm managers with the tools they need to effectively manage their teams, communicate in a productive way, and engage in difficult conversation and decision-making situations. Regardless of how long they have been in their role, every manager will leave with some important tools and resources to increase their management skills.
Your salespeople are the lifeblood of your company with great influence on not just your customers, but also your organization’s growth and profitability. In order to develop and retain your top sales talent, companies have to create opportunities to continually develop their potential, which ultimately leads to employee engagement and improved performance. The Caliper University Sales path offers courses in the areas of negotiation skills, relationship building, and conflict resolutions so that your sales team can work with their clients most effectively and ultimately have a positive impact your bottom line.
Encouraging your employees’ professional development both sets them up for success and growth with your company and creates engagement and loyalty within your team. Caliper University’s Professional Development path offers course to help your employees build on their communications skills, collaborate more effectively, and build on their workplace potential.


 Speed is combined with customization in a way that was never before possible. Choose from:

  • 90-Minute Webinars
  • 2-Hour Workshops
  • Half-Day Workshops
  • Full-Day Workshops

Whether on-site or in a virtual setting, Caliper Consultants will engage your team in a fully interactive workshop, including activities which are designed to reinforce learning and provide tools for retaining information.  

Contact us today to learn more and get your employees on the fast track to development.

“For learning to be truly effective and have long lasting results it needs to build upon the potential of each individual. That is the only way to bring about real change. At Caliper, we understand potential.”

Jo Moore, Vice President, Organizational Development Services, Caliper


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