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Three Sixty Plus

Gain a true 360-degree view of performance from Caliper’s comprehensive package that incorporates team member feedback, personality assessment data, and guidance from a Caliper coach.

Caliper’s Three Sixty Plus is the most in-depth tool of its kind on the market. Whether you are looking to develop your leaders and managers, help lift your high-potential employees to the next level, or identify and address blind spots in your own performance, you will gain deep insights that light the path forward to success.

The Three Sixty Plus combines a learner’s Caliper Profile results with performance feedback from a variety of sources, including managers, peers, direct reports, and internal customers. A Caliper coach then partners with the learner on a two-hour feedback call to explore the data in depth, interpret it in the context of the job, and lay the groundwork for an action plan, including the practical steps needed to achieve top performance.

Here’s how it works: The learner completes the Caliper Profile assessment while stakeholders anonymously rate the learner in various performance aspects. Once all the data are collected and assembled, the learner and the Caliper coach review the findings and determine the best approach to meaningful development.

Three Sixty Plus feedback is confidential, and a Caliper coach provides guidance to the learner every step of the way, helping to identify gaps and create an action plan for achieving competitive performance goals.

An organization is only as effective as the people who work there. By utilizing Caliper’s Three Sixty Plus program, you will improve your own performance or that of your other leaders and high potentials, which will have a positive trickle-down effect on individual contributors throughout the company.

The best news is that all you have to give up is time. Caliper’s Project Managers handle the call scheduling, send the appropriate links to learners and raters, and compile all the data into comprehensive graphical reports that are shared by learners and their Caliper coaches.

Caliper’s Three Sixty Plus:

  • Incorporates Caliper Profile results to provide the market’s most data-driven 360-degree solution
  • Is facilitated by an expert coach to help establish practical next steps for learners
  • Is process-managed by Caliper, so all you need to give up is time
  • Helps transform your leaders and high potentials into top performers

If you’re ready to make a real change in yourself and your team, use the contact form.

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