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Team Development

Maximize your team’s strengths and enhance its effectiveness with a Caliper Team-Development program.

How it works: Caliper will perform an in-depth assessment of your team through a combination of surveys, interviews, and data gleaned from the Caliper Profile. Individualized coaching sessions with a Caliper consultant will follow, and team members will be provided with an Individual Development Guide to ensure they reach their potential. The centerpiece of the program is a workshop led by a Caliper Organizational Development Consultant.

During the Team Development workshop, team members engage in open and honest discussions of their challenges, and participants come away with a common set of objectives and well-defined roles designed to optimize team cohesiveness. By illuminating, and then eliminating, sources of conflict as well as improving trust, accountability, and communication, overall team performance improves dramatically.

Caliper also provides a Summary Report of results and offers ongoing after-action exercises to ensure the success of the venture.

Build a winning team, increase productivity, enhance communication, and manage conflict better through Caliper’s Team Development Program.

Following the engagement, Caliper will provide you with targeted solutions in the quickest and most effective way possible. Solutions come in many forms, from improving the dynamics or changing the makeup of an existing team to assembling a high-functioning group for a special project.

Regardless of a business’s goals, managers will leave with a better understanding of their teams and become equipped to engage each individual and optimally develop staff members.

What are the benefits?

  • When you have insights into the dynamics of a team, along with each individual member, you are able to open lines of communication.
  • Learn to overcome differences and settle conflicts.
  • Ensure you have people who complement each other in terms of personality type and team roles.
  • Foster a collaborative atmosphere in group settings.
  • Turn employees who work best independently into integral parts of highly functioning teams.

To learn more about participating in a hands-on team-development workshop facilitated by a Caliper consultant, use the contact form.

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