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Talent Audit

With its compelling layout and easy-to-understand graphs, Caliper’s Talent Audit Report provides data-driven insights into what drives a team, department, or other employee group.

Once a business gains a clear overview of its current talent pool, managers can understand the strengths and developmental areas of teams, determine where individuals are likely to be best deployed, and identify training or development gaps.

Caliper’s Talent Audit Report provides that overview.

How it works: A Talent Audit is a diagnostic process that involves first gathering data about the strengths, limitations, and motivations of a team or leadership group through the use of Caliper’s personality assessment. Employees first complete the Caliper assessment. From there, a Caliper Advisor analyzes data through the relevant lens (Leadership, Sales, Service, or Technical); presents findings to client representatives; and prepares a report that includes insights, implications, and recommendations.

Powered by the insights gleaned from the Caliper Profile, the Talent Audit Report renders relevant data in team composites and allows you to perform comparisons between individuals.

The Caliper Talent Audit provides concise, objective intelligence for leaders regarding the core strengths of their workforce.

Whether you want to make sure you have the right people in the right place to navigate growth, or your organization is struggling to get to the next level, the Talent Audit Report presents a snapshot of the gaps, shortcomings, and untapped potential you need to make the best talent-alignment decisions. You decide which group of employees you want to assess, and a Caliper consultant will take it from there, helping you mine the most useful and relevant data.

A Caliper Talent Audit Report:

  • Provides significant ROI through diagnostic charts and summaries that show you—at one glance—the issues affecting your team and opportunities for improvement
  • Helps identify where and why team members are falling short and suggests appropriate interventions
  • Pinpoints leadership gaps and recommends ways to fill them
  • Reveals employees’ hidden potential and intrinsic motivation, enabling managers to delegate appropriate work and set ideal stretch assignments
  • Improves company culture by addressing deficiencies and fostering an environment that is more motivating for employees and desirable for applicants

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