Caliper’s Succession program enables you to identify and develop talented leaders within your company to drive your competitive strategy, reinforce your values, and successfully secure the future of your organization.

What happens when an executive retires or leaves your company? You lose business acumen, strategic experience, and deep knowledge of your company and your industry. If those key positions are left unfilled or are staffed by the wrong people, you could lose market share and fall too far behind to ever catch up. Simply put, the time to plan and prepare for your organization’s future is now.

The ideal solution is to have a pool of internal candidates who are ready to step up when the moment comes. Fortunately, Caliper’s Succession program is designed to guide and formalize your process for leadership development and ensure your next wave of high-potentials is equipped to handle the challenge. With our array of assessment tools, leadership workshops, coaching systems, and data-driven understanding of leadership competencies, we can design a customized solution that meets your unique organizational needs.

By cultivating successors for critical positions and building a pipeline of future executives, you will increase organizational readiness and be prepared for whatever changes come your way.  

Every company should have a succession plan in place. But why stop at playing it safe when you can work toward an ideal future state? Caliper’s experts help you determine long-term strategic goals and integrate them into your Succession program. And when your high-potential employees know you are invested in their careers and success, you’ll immediately benefit from increased productivity, improved morale and engagement, and timelier goal achievement.

Caliper’s Succession program enables you to:

  • Create a planned, effective process for identifying, developing, and retaining top leadership talent
  • Handle the loss of key leaders with minimal disruption
  • Concentrate resources on talent development to yield a greater return on investment
  • Gather data on your leadership talent and identify organizational gaps
  • Tap into the latest intelligence around leadership performance competencies
  • Develop a clear path toward realizing your ideal future state

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