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Yankees Hope a Competency-Based Approach To Hiring Proves a Boon(e) for the Organization

Hey, you don’t have to listen to us. Even iconic sports teams are in on job matching and performance competencies.

By the way, Red Sox fans can totally enjoy this post too. Caliper loves all teams equally!  


Hiring for “Soft Skills” in the Robotic Age

Robots aren’t just for assembly lines anymore. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, they will soon be taking on white-collar work too. Before you hire for key roles and bring in future leaders, it helps to consider what kind of human employees will perform best in this new environment.


Organizational-Development Solutions That Transform Business

Sure, the Caliper Profile is an industry-leading pre-employment assessment that helps companies hire top performers.

But why stop there? Caliper’s Organizational Development Team is equipped to guide those same businesses in choosing the right talent-alignment tools and strategy for today and tomorrow. Let’s hear them tell it …


Bursting the Underemployment Bubble

Many hiring managers put forth a laundry list of skills requirements for open jobs and then complain they can’t find good applicants. Perhaps they’re focusing on the wrong things.


The New Manager Checklist

It’s not easy being a first-time manager or supervisor. Newly promoted managers might have the industry knowledge and functional skills for the job, but people leadership is a whole different world.

Even if you haven’t received formal training in good management philosophy, following our 8-point checklist will get you moving in the right direction.

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