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What We Mean When We Say Caliper Assessments Are “Scientifically Validated”

Science = Quality in the assessment world. At Caliper, we’re proud of the scientific rigor that goes into constructing our assessment instruments. We also want people to know—it’s not just talk.


5 Components of Developing Successful Employees

A company can’t function without good employees. Therefore, it should be a given that you’d want to keep staff members productive, engaged, and loyal. Click here to read about Caliper’s best-practice approach to developing and retaining new hires.


Register Here for Caliper’s Free Webinar: How to Hire Successful People into a Dysfunctional Team

This teaser may seem superfluous, since the headline kinda gives away the plot. But then, the headline doesn’t tell you this exclusive Webinar is being presented by organizational-development guru George Brough. So what are you waiting for? Sign up! It’s free.     


How to Get Better Hiring Results Using Pre-Employment Assessments

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making hiring decisions. With the information yielded by a robust personality assessment, you’ll have the knowledge you need to hire the people who can transform your organization.


5 Reasons Forward-Thinking Companies are Collecting Talent Data

Some companies aren’t riding the Big Data train yet. But whether they like it or not, data analytics is the future. The good news: The train is arriving at their local station and there are plenty of seats. All aboard!

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