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Caliper Essentials Individual Developmental Guide

Caliper Essentials™ Individual Developmental Guide takes the guesswork out of developing employees.

The Caliper Essentials™ Individual Developmental Guide is an extensive report designed to help individuals understand their personal traits, motivators, stressors and behaviors and explore how this impacts their performance on the job. The report then provides specific and actionable developmental recommendations.

The narrative format is easy to understand and can be used as a standalone tool or integrated into a more intensive developmental program. In addition to highlighting strengths and challenges, the report also provides a specific analysis on four critical business dimensions: Communication, Interpersonal Dynamics, Problem Solving and Decision Making and Personal Organization and Time Management. Each of these dimensions can be an area of focus for additional coaching and/or workshops.

There are five roles to choose from based on the individual’s current or desired role. This includes sales, service, management, technical and general roles.

About the report:

Powered by the Caliper Profile, the Individual Developmental Guide:

  • Provides an overview of the individual’s strengths with specific suggestions on how to leverage the strength within their day-to-day work
  • Reviews behaviors that may pose developmental opportunities
  • Illustrates examples of specific situations that could arise and alternate responses to consider in the future
  • Highlights specific topics for the individual to discuss with management
  • Presents the motivators and stressors that drive the individuals’ behaviors with specific tips on how to leverage their personal strengths, minimize weaknesses and provide discussion points to explore with his/her manager
  • Guides the individuals to create an interactive Joint Action Plan with others who can help encourage personal accountability for referenced goals
  • Provides key insights around communication, interpersonal dynamics, problem solving, decision making and time management that can be used for additional developmental workshops or coaching conversations

This report is best for:

  • Organizations that want to support personal developmental of employees in a consistent and systematic format
  • Human resource professionals and managers who want to discuss strengths and growth opportunities with all of their employees
  • Organizations that want to retain and engage employees and leaders with specific developmental feedback
  • Organizations that would like to provide employees or candidates a takeaway report with specific developmental suggestions and no numeric scores

How to use the Essentials for Individual Developmental Guide?

  1. The Individual Developmental Guide does not require additional certification for use which makes it easy to use within organizations
  2. Clients who prefer to consult with an expert can experience a 30-minute debrief via phone with a Caliper Consultant.

Business impact of improved hiring decisions:

Improved retention – See how J.J. Taylor, a company that operates distributorships in Minnesota and Florida, become better equipped to identify high-potential employees, offer targeted coaching, and maximize the productivity of their workforce. Click here for case study.

Sample Report

Caliper Essentials individual development guideIf you’re ready to improve your talent-management decisions, be sure to check out our Caliper Essentials™ for Selection sample report. You'll discover why so many companies are using Caliper Essentials to improve hiring, coach, and develop their employees like never before. Click to download a sample.

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