Master Level Certification

Take your Caliper Profile expertise to the next level and learn how to apply it strategically across your organization.

Caliper Master Level Certification is appropriate for Caliper clients who want to develop a deeper connection between the Caliper Profile and talent-management strategies within their company. Master Level Certification builds upon the Foundations program and provides content on:

  • Caliper tools and applications in a variety of strategic applications
  • Caliper’s approach and best practices in areas including professional coaching and team effectiveness

You may also qualify for continuing-education credits based on educational time as outlined in the program agenda. Those completing the Master Level program will receive 6.5 credits toward their re-certification requirements. Clients who attend Foundations + Master programs will receive a total of 19.5 credits toward re-certification.

"I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out."
Mike Nagel
President & CEO, Vomaris Innovations, Inc

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