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Why Assessments?

Adding Caliper assessments to your business enables you to provide clients data-driven solutions, creating deeper and higher-value relationships.

According to research by the Brandon Hall Group, “people strategy” – for the first time ever, is the most important lever for business success.

Organizations can no longer “wing it” when it comes to hiring and developing its workforce, and have embraced the scientific, data driven approach assessments support. In fact, according to Bersin by Deloitte, assessments are one of the fastest growing segments of the HR technology market. Our partners benefit tremendously from this evolution in workforce management.   

When it comes to evaluating potential, so little of what motivates and inhibits employees and applicants is observable. Caliper's tools dig below the surface and reveal the dynamics in play, enabling better hiring decisions, more precise coaching, and stronger team and organizational development.

Our assessments are based on sound scientific and psychological principles, and give organizations in-depth, objective, comprehensive, and reliable information about their people.

Such information includes:

  • Natural tendencies, behaviors, and preferences
  • How they are likely to interact with peers and managers
  • Attitudes toward important performance-related issues
  • Approaches to problem solving

Empowered with this data, organizations can select the right person for a job, improve communication between employees and their managers, enhance team performance and organizational climate, and build consistent culture and values.

As a consultant, assessments open a whole new world of possibilities for working with clients.


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