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Partner Success Camp, a three-day workshop takes place several times throughout the year in our Princeton, NJ headquarters, is designed to help Caliper partners learn the ins and outs of our product line and gain a deep understanding of how our assessment instruments and other tools work.

Though hands-on training, practical exercises, and the guidance of Caliper Certification instructors, workshop participants obtain the knowledge and expertise needed to begin benefiting from their Caliper partnership as quickly as possible. Every Partner Success Camp includes: 

  • Caliper Profile Certification
  • Science of the Caliper Profile
  • Client service strategy
  • Leveraging Caliper resources to maximize or reshape your business model
  • Business development strategies
  • Unique sales strategies for the behavioral-assessment industry
  • Caliper Analytics
  • Entrepreneurial mastery  

Participants also benefit from peer-to-peer networking and learning opportunities. 

For more information about Caliper’s Partner program, contact our Director of Partner Development, Anthony Pantaleone, at 609-524-1466 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Thank you and the Caliper team for a terrific and tiring 3 days. Worth it completely."
Barry Tarzy
Caliper Partner
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