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Organizational Effectiveness

Is Your Organization Designed for Success?

New strategies require alignment within an organization of leadership, structure, and systems related to supporting the performance objectives.  If the critical aspects of the organizational systems are misaligned, then the potential for inefficiency and confusion increases, which puts successful execution at risk.  Further, when Organizational Effectiveness is limited or lacking, the behaviors that are needed and will ultimately drive success, are less likely to be supported and therefore not occurring throughout the company,  We help you quickly understand where your organization is today and how it needs to evolve in the future. We then build a strategy to better align your organizational initiatives, leadership, and business objectives. With Caliper, you will reduce costs and time, confusion, and risk associated with strategy execution.

When the Need Arises

Unlike competitors that offer Organizational Development services as needed, Caliper offers a systematic dive into our client organizations to ensure alignment, and balanced contribution of leadership, systems, and structure in order to achieve performance objectives.  Caliper offers a proven comprehensive solution that encompasses not only considering the individual but the organization as a level of analysis in a fully integrated manner. We are both high tech and high touch, with the expertise to customize programs that meet your exact needs.

How We Do It

For the CEO

As a CEO, you are responsible for building shareholder value. You have sold your board on your vision and plan, and they are holding you accountable to execute on your strategy. More than ever, you need your organization to be aligned with the strategy you intend to execute. We can help you quickly gain an objective view of the overall system which is your organization and develop a plan to align the company with your vision and plan.



As a VP of HR, your CEO is counting on you to foster an organizational climate that allows the company to thrive and reach its performance objectives through optimal effectiveness.  While part of this is about aligning the talent necessary to execute organizational strategy, another part is aligning leadership, organizational structure and support systems as well. Your ability to get a seat at the table depends on you bringing new ideas and solutions that achieve these organizational objectives in an efficient and effective way. We help you quickly understand where your company is today and how it needs to evolve in the future.

For Director of Talent Acquisition

As a Director of Talent Development, you are responsible for developing and supporting talent in a timely manner for high-profile roles that are critical to executing your CEO's strategy. You are under pressure to offer relevant programs for individuals with diverse and unique needs. We can help you quickly assess engagement, the climate of a department and/or define the competencies that matter most in these roles, assess individuals to identify gaps, and create and deliver individualized development programs to close those gaps.

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