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Talent scouts and team managers traditionally based their drafting selections on common-sense criteria: observable skills, physical attributes, and performance stats from colleges and junior leagues.

However, with the rise of analytics, sports teams are seeking more quantifiable ways of measuring potential. While the "eye test" and an athlete's performance records are still important, such information in no longer enough. Teams must go beyond points-per-game averages, footballs caught, and home runs batted in to understand true potential and make data-driven draft choices.

Herb Greenberg, Founder, Caliper:

“There is so much that goes into whether a player can fulfill the promise scouts see during the draft process. Things like aggressiveness, competitiveness, and resilience can be traits that make or break someone. Physical talent isn’t always enough.” 

Ricardo Roman, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Caliper Sports, Caliper:

“When you can look beneath the surface to see what motivates an athlete, you can turn up the volume on the desirable qualities and accelerate that player’s development.” 

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