Assessments and Talent Management

In the National Football League, only about 260 draftees are selected from the tens of thousands of eligible college football players registered with the NCAA. It takes a truly amazing athlete to make it to the pros.

But athletic ability isn’t the only thing that makes a football star great–it’s also about attitude, personality, and motivation.

Whether a team is looking for a quarterback who will remain composed under pressure, or it seeks support in helping an ex-NFL player find his second love after football, psychometric testing provided by the Caliper Profile helps uncover an athlete’s potential that stats might not show.

Measuring individual personality traits against proven predictors of success, the Profile shows which players:

  • Possess the right attitude to work as a team player or take the lead, when necessary
  • Will remain focused in stressful situations and when under pressure
  • Could take calculated risks to drive positive outcomes for the team

Whether your work takes place on the gridiron, in an office, at a manufacturing facility, or anywhere else, Caliper has the tools to help you identify high-potential performers and improve team efficiency and results. 

“Succeeding in business, in sports, in your life, is a matter of pulling together people you can trust, who are honest, who have their priorities in line, who have the talent, ambition, and desire to reach beyond themselves and make something really big happen–particularly when the pressure’s on.”

Roger Staubach, former NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and executive chairman at Jones Lang LaSalle (from Succeed on Your Own Terms, 2006)


"I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out."
Mike Nagel
President & CEO, Vomaris Innovations, Inc