Assessments and Talent Management

What sets the NBA's top draft picks apart from the draft-eligible players who aren't chosen? According to research conducted by Caliper, the difference comes down to personality dynamics as much as physical attributes.

In 2014, Caliper assessed 98 highly ranked collegiate players who were eligible for that year's NBA draft. Of those players, 28 were selected by NBA teams over the two rounds. Since physical attributes become harder to differentiate later in the first round and into the second, personality assessments are especially important to teams’ drafting decisions.

Based on our findings, players with top-performer personality dynamics are:

  • Less likely to panic and force plays when an opposing player is bearing down
  • Better able to handle pressure
  • Disciplined with drills and shooting practice
  • More focused in stressful situations

Whether your work takes place on a court, in an office, at a manufacturing facility, or anywhere else, Caliper has the tools to help you identify high-potential performers and improve team efficiency and results. 

"It’s been fun to watch the work that Caliper has done with our leadership development pool. They help people understand how to interact with each other; how to understand their own style and its impact on others."
Cliff Robertson, MD
SVP Operations & CEO, Catholic Health Initiatives