Assessments and Talent Management

Michael Lewis’s seminal book, Moneyball (2004), documents how the application of "advanced stats" data helped the Oakland Athletics remain competitive despite their restrictive payroll budget relative to other teams.

Caliper has worked with Major League Baseball teams for decades to assess the potential of pitchers, catchers, and shortstops as well as identify which minor league players have what it takes to succeed in the majors, using just such stats. Caliper’s data on MLB players show a strong link between personality dynamics and performance success. For example, our results show a strong correlation between on-base percentage and measurable personality traits like assertiveness, resilience, and risk taking.

Through application of the Caliper Profile, we can predict which players:

  • Are likely to remain focused in stressful situations and when under pressure
  • Are willing to take calculated risks that have a positive impact on team success

Whether your work takes place on a baseball diamond, in an office, at a manufacturing facility, or anywhere else, Caliper has the tools to help you identify high-potential performers and improve team efficiency and results. 

“In all the competency-mapping and performance validation studies I’ve been part of, I don’t think I’ve found a stronger relationship between personality traits and on-field behavior as in this evaluation of our data on professional baseball players.”

Thomas Schoenfelder, PhD., SVP of Research and Development, Caliper

"I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out."
Mike Nagel
President & CEO, Vomaris Innovations, Inc