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Coaches and managers are continually looking for athletes who have the mental toughness to persevere and achieve higher levels of performance.

Caliper has assessed more than 30,000 athletes for both professional and college teams, and we understand the personality dynamics that separate champions from those who have the physical attributes but fall short of delivering consistently strong performances over time.

Through our validated psychometric assessment, the Caliper Profile, we can show coaches and managers whether a college athlete:

  • Possesses essential leadership dynamics
  • Is coachable and shows the discipline to work on weaknesses
  • Has the inner fire to win

Our results can also be used to help teams develop better communications skills, problem-solving techniques, and team-building strategies so that they can resolve underlying conflicts and enhance their overall performance.

Caliper has worked with many universities, including the University of Nevada, William and Mary, the University of Tennessee, and Ohio State University, as well as professional teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, to select and develop top talent. Whether your work takes place on a playing field, in an office, at a manufacturing facility, or anywhere else, Caliper has the tools to help you identify high-potential performers and improve team efficiency and results.


"I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out."
Mike Nagel
President & CEO, Vomaris Innovations, Inc