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Featured Product: Caliper Talent Audit

Maximize the value of the Caliper Profiles you already have.

Using the data from Caliper Profile results to select and hire the best person for the role is only the beginning of how you can capitalize on the value of this information. Take it to the next level with the Caliper Talent Audit, a powerful tool for managing your talent.

With our Talent Audit Toolkit you get diagnostic charts and summaries that show you – at one glance – the issues affecting your team and opportunities for improvement.

You will be able to:

    • Identify and develop your high-potential talent
    • Focus your coaching more effectively
    • Create a succession plan
    • More effectively resolve conflict
    • Develop training programs closely aligned to potential

The integrated approach of our data analysis experts and employee development specialists gives you everything you need to map out a success track for your employees – and your entire organization.

Call today and get started with identifying and developing your high-potential talent, focusing your coaching more effectively, creating a relevant succession plan, more effectively resolving conflict and developing training programs closely aligned to potential.

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