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Hiring Workshops

Bring clarity and consistency to your hiring process.

Caliper’s Hiring Workshop teaches participants how to develop and implement a structured, standardized approach to the employee-selection process so that your business can be objective and confident in its hiring decisions. Attendees will learn how to determine if someone is a good match for a specific job and also understand a candidate’s potential for growing into other roles.

How it works: The in-person workshop is conducted in a group setting, and the program is structured and customized to deliver learning that addresses each client’s specific issues. Hiring Workshop participants engage in practice exercises for evaluating candidates, writing employment ads, reviewing résumés, conducting mock interviews, and using Caliper Profile results to on-board and coach a new hire.

Hiring right the first time means you will spend less time and money on the selection process, get people up to speed more quickly, and end up with happier, loyal, and productive employees. 

The benefits of implementing better hiring decisions include having a higher caliber of staff, which can translate into a smaller investment in training and supervision. You will also begin to see reduced turnover, increased productivity, and improved customer relations—all of which pave the way for greater success.

Once you establish a consistent selection process, you will have set the first steppingstone on your company’s new career-pathing initiative. Using your team’s Caliper Profile results, Caliper can help you create a clearly defined career path for your new hires by developing and implementing processes for onboarding, team development, and succession planning.

A Caliper Hiring Workshop will help you:

  • Develop detailed, accurate job descriptions by fully understanding the job and determining the requirements for the position
  • Establish targeted, reliable position profiles that outline the skills and characteristics you are looking for in an ideal candidate
  • Learn to better interpret a résumé, uncover the best recruitment sources, and participate in meaningful telephone screenings
  • Conduct effective face-to-face interviews by properly preparing for interactions and discovering how to ask the tough questions that need to be posed

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