The Client

The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) is the trade association representing medical products distributors. Since 1902, HIDA has provided leadership in the healthcare distribution industry. Membership in HIDA provides a wide range of resources and relationships that help companies perform profitably within today’s complex healthcare supply chain.


Since 1995, HIDA and Caliper have partnered in helping HIDA hire and develop the very best people. In a challenging healthcare marketplace, providing strong leadership and retaining top talent is both a strategic and economic necessity. But where do you start? How do you make those decisions?

The Business Challenge

Especially now, allowing top performers to walk out the door or bringing in the wrong candidate could be detrimental to the company. Employee development matters more than ever right now. This is not the time to cut back on developing leaders and potential leaders. To stay competitive, companies need to retain high-potential employees since they are a company’s true differentiators.

HIDA leadership is viewing this time as an opportunity to do things differently and to think more strategically. If any one thing matters, it’s staying competitive and retaining high-potential and talented employees. When making the investment to develop your people, not only are you creating a stronger workforce, but you are also engaging your most talented employees. Ultimately, your people will feel more valued and motivated to work toward increased company success.

The Strategic Solution

Caliper uses its in-depth assessment, the Caliper Profile, to map out an individual’s strengths, limitations, and areas of development. Then, a Caliper Account Consultant walks you through the results and helps you understand how the employee would function in a certain job—whether they are able to take on leadership challenges and how they would work with other people on the team as well as with their manager.

In addition, Caliper uses its assessment to help companies develop current talent by utilizing the assessment results from Three Sixty Plus evaluations, Talent Audits, leadership development programs, and team development sessions. People are being asked to do more than ever before—they are taking on different roles and adding on to their current responsibilities. So now is the time to evaluate your team and see who is up to the challenge.

The Results

Since 1995, HIDA has used Caliper to hire and develop its employees. Currently, HIDA has a high-performing team, and works closely with their Caliper Consultant to make critical hiring and development decisions.

“Our Caliper Account Consultant was fantastic,” says Ian Fardy, Executive Vice President of HIDA. “We never make a move without her.” While it may be hard to think of spending precious budget dollars on leadership and employee development when you have so many other matters begging for your attention, there is truly nothing more important. Organizations need their leaders to be prepared for change. To be ready, it is important to start today to align your leaders and their teams and position them for success.

“It’s a smart investment,” says Fardy. “And now’s the time to make smart investments in your people. They’re the ones that will help you through tough times.”

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