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Employee Engagement

Caliper’s Employee Engagement Surveys provide the insights you need to improve team member satisfaction and retention, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue.

Employees are the lifeblood of a company. Through them, communication flows and ideas flourish, so it’s important to ensure they are engaged and committed to overcoming current and future business challenges. The most targeted and efficient way to find out how your team members feel about their work, and the organization itself, is an employee survey.

Lack of engagement, dissatisfaction with management, and feelings of stagnation are real-world threats that hurt productivity and impact customer service. In time, they lead to high turnover and an exodus of talent, yet senior leaders are often unaware such problems exist until the damage is beyond repair.

When you partner with Caliper on an employee survey, we not only custom design the questions that uncover relevant issues, we follow through with meaningful data interpretation to help you determine next steps. And you can rest assured. We also handle project oversight and administration.

Employee surveys are valuable whether your organization is going through a major change or you simply want to gauge employee attitudes.

After a merger or acquisition, business leaders are often too wrapped up in big-picture decisions to notice what is happening out there in the workspace. Or perhaps a department or business unit is underperforming and the analyses of numbers and processes are failing to provide clarity. Even if you don’t have any obvious concerns but would like to see more growth and greater passion for success, it may be time for a checkup into your organizational health.

An employee survey is the best approach to addressing each of these scenarios.

The benefits of Caliper’s Employee Engagement survey:

  • We help you identify the health of your organization
  • We design and administer a customized survey
  • We interpret the data in your specific business context
  • We collaborate with you on strategic solutions
  • You gain an understanding of employee attitudes and perceptions, identify obstacles to job satisfaction and retention, and, most importantly, give people a voice

The positive, real-world impact on your organization pays back the investment many times over. Use the contact form on this page to learn more.

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