The Fakability of the Caliper Profile

by Agota Alvarez

The Caliper Profile items have been developed with the understanding that individuals taking the assessment are in the job market. In addition, the items and scales have been balanced to control for the effects of social desirability.

The forced-choice tetrad format is designed to eliminate or at least minimize the faking or distorting of assessment results based on social desirability. The forced-choice format addresses this issue by balancing item social desirability within each tetrad with two positive items of equal social desirability and two negative items of equal social undesirability. Since the statements in each tetrad are equalized on social desirability, it is assumed that respondents will choose the statements that most accurately represent their personality, since desirability is not a factor. Evidence suggests that this item format minimizes the possibility of answering solely to make the best impression and, thus, improves response accuracy (Gordon, 1978).

Studies of assessments using the forced-choice tetrad format support the hypothesis that this format reduces fakability (Gordon, 1993; Jackson et al., 2000; McCloy et al., 2005). For more information on this topic, please contact one of our specialists in the Research and Development Department.