The Business Case for Using People Analytics to Maximize Operational Performance

by Agota Alvarez

83% of executives recently surveyed by Forbes Insights stated that having the right talent is critical to achieving their growth strategy. 81% agreed that having the right talent in place has a direct impact on revenue.

According to human resources consulting firm ManpowerGroup2, nearly 20% of U.S. employers expect to increase the number of new hires this year. The job market is on the rise – are you prepared and equipped to find the right people to fill your open positions?

A recent report by DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board (CAB) stated that only 7% of hiring managers said the majority of candidates have the right blend of skills and traits required to fill their open positions. Moreover, Oxford Economics research found that less than one-third of surveyed companies worldwide have a strategic vision for their desired workforce. With no clear business plan and no clearly qualified candidates, how can companies be sure they are hiring people who will help the organization succeed?

Part of the answer can be found through the use of workforce and people analytics. By analyzing the skills, abilities, certification, and personality traits of your current talent and then combining that information with demographic, economic, and industry statistics, you can make data-driven decisions related to hiring, employee development, retention, and succession planning to ensure that your business is successful now and in the future.

Workforce and People Analytics: Conducting Talent Audits of Your Team

Using the data from Caliper Profile results to select and hire the best person for the role is only the beginning regarding ways in which one can capitalize on the value of this information. Caliper’s Talent Audit Report is powered by the data generated from the Caliper Profile, and it provides you with an increased return on your investment through diagnostic analyses that highlight the issues affecting your team as well as the identification of opportunities for improvement. Armed with this information, you have a powerful tool for managing your talent.

The Caliper Talent Audit can be used as part of larger initiatives such as workforce planning, leadership development, team analysis, and succession planning. The integrated approach provided by our data analysts and employee development specialists gives you everything you need to map out a success track for your employees and for your organization as a whole.

Benefits of Caliper’s Talent Audit include: