Outer Space… Meet Inner Space | Caliper Analytics Helps You Explore New Horizons Of Your Own

by Michael Pollack
on 2015-07-15

Exploring the outer limits of our solar system, NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft has completed its epic 9-year journey to Pluto. As the spacecraft takes the first ever close-up photographs of the frigid dwarf planet, principal scientist Alan Stern told the good people of Earth that the scientific capabilities of New Horizons are going to “knock your socks off.”

Rarely do current events have the possibility of sparking the interests of, literally, our entire planet, but all corners of the globe took a moment to pause on Tuesday in recognition of the unprecedented 3-billion-mile scientific achievement that has truly taken us “where no man space probe has gone before.” We had never seen Pluto in any kind of detail prior to just days ago, and we are now getting our first glimpse of its unique geology, atmosphere, and moons.

But enough about that.

As NASA explores outer space, Caliper – with our feet planted on terra firma – recently launched its own scouting mission into the peripheries of “inner space,” also known as your office environment. With the unveiling of Caliper Analytics TM, following years of research and scientific discovery of our own, we endeavor to take businesses to the furthest margins of the “World of Work.” Until recently, employers – like admirers of Pluto – had only a hazy, out-of-focus picture of their personnel, but that’s about to change.

Unlike anything else across the talent-management galaxy, Caliper Analytics TM is customizable, coming equipped with its own unique “filtration” system that allows you to determine the metrics by which you would like to sort when making HR-management decisions. While it took 9 years to get to the outer limits of our solar system, it will take you fewer than 9 seconds to take a deeper dive into the furthest boundaries of your workforce.

Businesses will have the ability to view their assessees’ Caliper Profile results instantaneously, from senior leaders to hourly employees. With just a few mouse clicks, you can visually juxtapose two individuals, making it easier and more intuitive to make critical employment, retention, and development decisions.

You can also use the platform to gauge an individual’s fit within a specific company culture. Need a salesperson who shows a willingness to follow rules and process details? You can isolate the particular traits in question and graph the results, allowing you to be in control of the instrument.


I guess, technically, it’s an impressive scientific achievement to launch a spacecraft 3-billion miles from Earth into the frigid, distant gutters of our solar system with no margin for error. But let’s be real. We have to wait until October 2016 before all data from the Pluto mission are transmitted back to Earth. In that time, you’ll be able to go to the end of “inner space” and back, perhaps even discovering new horizons of your own.