Invest in Your Best

by Agota Alvarez

In a challenging economy, providing strong leadership and retaining your top talent is both a strategic and economic necessity.

Thoughts to Consider

  • Only 26% of leaders today are creating an engaging environment.
  • You cannot move your company forward without the right leadership.

During a time when people everywhere are faced with uncertainty, they look to their leaders to provide focus, direction, and—most importantly—motivation.
With a strong leader who can inspire confidence, your company can weather the storm and come out ahead when the economy turns around. However, without that leadership, your leaders may create more problems than they can solve.

In today’s challenging marketplace, it becomes necessary to analyze your company’s assets so that you can maintain your edge. As you look at the products and services you offer to your clients, it is crucial to understand that everything about your business can be replicated by your competitors— everything, that is, except your people. That’s the one thing that can set you apart. And now is the time to invest in your people and give them the leadership and direction they need to stay focused and energized.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Are you ensuring the retention of your top performers?
  • How many of your top people would “jump ship” if they got the chance?
  • Can you afford to lose your top performers?
  • People on your staff are expected to do more with less. Are they up to the challenge?
  • How do you keep everyone motivated?

Use This Time to Strengthen Your Organization