Press Release

Fortune Magazine Profiles the Power of Potential in an Interview with Caliper's Founder and CEO Herb Greenberg, Ph.D.

by PR Newswire

June 11, 2014 -- Caliper’s Founder and CEO Herb Greenberg, Ph.D. will be featured in the July 16th issue of Fortune magazine, discussing the power of potential, which can be viewed online here.

The article details Dr. Greenberg’s childhood, which was marked by tragedy and hardship, including losing his eyesight at the age of 10 from a mastoid infection. Dr. Greenberg discusses how, despite those difficulties, his drive and determination led him to discover his inner entrepreneur and to ultimately develop the Caliper Profile, a workplace personality assessment completed by more than 3.5 million applicants, which measures an individual’s strengths and areas of development in the context of a given job.

As recently featured in leading media, Dr. Greenberg was a man ahead of his time. Despite his blindness, and long before the Americans with Disabilities Act, he was able to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology from New York University. He was a champion for civil rights in the 1950s, which cost him at least one job, and he pushed for women’s equality in the workforce long before corporate America began to address “breaking the glass ceiling” for women.

As Dr. Greenberg says in the article, “70 percent of workers are in jobs to make a living; they don’t love what they’re doing. We say, ‘Let’s find out what you love doing, then get you the training to do it.’ The mind is the most important muscle in the body, and if your brain is not working at something stimulating, it’ll become flabby and not work very well. If someone loves the work they are doing, the whole production cycle goes up.”

The legacy that Dr. Greenberg created is what drives Caliper to this day to help companies and individuals succeed and reach their potential.