Don’t Be A Charlie Brown: Pre-Employment Assessments Won’t Leave You Flat on Your Face

by Caliper
on 2015-11-23

Tis the season for holiday specials on TV, starting with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. (It’s not Christmas yet, people!). This short film opens with a scene very familiar to those of us who grew up watching Charlie Brown shows. We see Lucy holding a football on the ground, trying to convince Charlie Brown to kick it. I think we all know how this scenario plays out.

Charlie Brown decides to put his faith in Lucy’s words – she promises him that she won’t lift the ball at the last second. Of course, what does Lucy do? Exactly what she says she wouldn’t. Good grief!

Hiring without a pre-employment assessment is like running toward Lucy’s football full speed. She might surprise you and stay true to her word, but there’s a good chance that she is going to leave you flat on your back in the dirt.

While some job candidates may interview well and initially seem like a good fit for the role and your company’s culture, you won’t really get a feel for their experience and potential until you are already in the process of onboarding them, possibly even later than that. Unless, that is, you use a personality assessment to identify some of their likely on-the-job tendencies, motivations, and behaviors ahead of time.

Charlie Brown tends to simply trust his instincts when making decisions, and it often leaves him looking like a turkey. Remember: Football, flying through the air, AUGGGGHHH, flat on the ground, and all that. When you use a scientifically valid pre-employment assessment, you can be sure you are making well-informed, confident choices.

Don’t be like Charlie Brown. Don’t let a charming Lucy pull a fast one on you.