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Women Leaders Program

Caliper’s Women Leaders Program is a unique, action-oriented workshop that helps current and aspiring women leaders in your organization reach the next level.

Caliper has conducted many studies on women leaders, and the results are clear: a diverse leadership team will bring your company greater success. Women in leadership positions drive higher levels of collaboration, innovation, and goal achievement.

That’s why we put together a workshop that empowers current and future women leaders to communicate and share ideas more readily, focus their decision making, lead healthier lives, and become better leaders … without having to conform to outmoded ideas about what leadership is supposed to look like.

In the day-long workshop, facilitated at your location by an experienced Caliper consultant, participants will develop an understanding of their natural tendencies, leadership styles, and intrinsic strengths and areas of opportunity as well as determine goals and action plans for building leadership skills in critical business areas.

Our program not only helps you maximize the performance of your current women leaders, it also lights the path to success for the future leaders within your organization.

As veteran executives look around their organizations, they should be noticing an increased presence of women in professional roles. More and more women earn business degrees, MBAs, and PhDs, which means the pipeline of future leaders and high-potential employees will grow ever more diverse. By hanging onto out-of-date perspectives about who should be making important decisions and developing strategy, some companies will end up on the outside of a transformational era in business.

It’s time to recognize this evolution and begin preparing your next generation of executives to take the reins. Caliper’s Women Leaders Program is a great place to start.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Build a leadership foundation by getting in tune with their personal styles
  • Define their own paths to success
  • Learn how to focus on wellness and mindfulness and reduce stress
  • Take advantage of Caliper’s unparalleled expertise in leadership development and soft-skills training

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Forbes recently published an article with research suggesting that companies with more women in senior-level leadership roles improve their reputation and attract an influx of better candidates.

The Gender Forward Pioneer (GFP) Index discovered that only about 11% of senior leaders at top companies around the world are women. However, they found that companies with better reputations had closer to 17% female representation in senior leader roles.

Higher levels of diversity lead to higher levels of admiration—both among clients and among employees.

But the struggle for female representation is a two-phased challenge. First, a company has to make a commitment to seeking out and securing women in senior leadership positions.  Then, they have to empower women to remain in those high-level roles.

Fortune published an article last month titled, “What It Will Take to Keep More Women in the Corporate World.” In this piece, they note that women often enter the workforce self-assured and ambitious, only to have their confidence tested and their potential unrealized.

According to Fortune, the most challenging time in a woman’s career tends to be in the second decade, around the age of 30. Companies are frequently setting higher expectations for mid-level employees, and women are trying to gain more responsibility at work while striving to balance the ever-increasing demands they often experience in their personal lives.

It’s up to each organization to support female employees by offering coaching and development programs that will equip them and empower them to confidently start down a leadership path.

Why? Because women leaders won’t just improve a company’s reputation, they can improve a company’s performance.

Research shows that successful women leaders tend to possess many of the qualities typically considered to be “male” leadership traits, such as a straightforward communications style, an action orientation, a willingness to take risks, and complex problem-solving skills. In addition, the women leaders who participated in this study demonstrated resilience as well as high levels of energy and empathy, qualities which enable them to better understand their direct reports and colleagues, bounce back after setbacks or rejection, and persevere over the long term.

In short, women leaders not only possess traits that have been traditionally associated with successful leadership, they demonstrate additional behaviors that will equip them to succeed when they encounter resistance or other obstacles that women in today’s World of Work often face.

If companies embrace girl power now, they’ll benefit from the power of women leaders in the future.


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