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Caliper's Interview Guides are designed to draw behavioral tendencies out of interviewees so that a hiring manager or HR professional can get a better idea of what to expect from each potential new hire.

The best predictor of future performance is past behavior, so getting candidates to let down their guard and candidly discuss previous job experience is crucial to making an informed hiring decision. Our Interview Guides provide targeted questions based on the results of your applicant’s Caliper Profile assessment. Instead of asking generic interview questions, you can pinpoint specific areas and dig deeper to get the answers you need and ensure you are making the right hiring choice.

Caliper’s interview guides are available in automated and customized formats, so there’s an option to suit all your needs. The automated version is generated on the spot, and as an optional add-on with every assessment you submit, it can be an affordable tool for refining your hiring process.

The customized version, called a Structured Interview Guide, also focuses on behavioral interviewing, but it is designed to target a specific role in your organization (for example, a Territory Sales position that needs to be filled nationally). For this type of interview guide, a Caliper consultant conducts an analysis of the role, determines the key performance drivers and behavioral criteria, and develops a comprehensive set of questions that assess how well an applicant aligns with your job requirements and company culture.

Ensure enterprise-wide consistency in hiring and sidestep candidates’ planned responses by partnering with Caliper on an Interview Guide.

Have you ever hired someone who interviewed well but struggled once placed in the role? Do you have a key position that you need to fill again and again (a call-center service representative, for example) and wish you had a better way to identify high-potential performers? Or do you simply want to streamline and add uniformity to your interview process? A Caliper Interview Guide is a simple tool that can be used to address any of these requirements.

A Caliper Interview Guide:

  • Enables you to tailor your interview to suit the individual applicant while adding consistency to your overall hiring process
  • Gathers specific details about candidates’ relevant work experiences while avoiding the standard interview questions for which many candidates bring prepared responses
  • Asks specific questions that explore potential “red flag” areas
  • Gives you a greater understanding of what to look and listen for in interviews
  • Allows you to more easily track the results of several applicants for the same role

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