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Individual Developmental Guide

Enhance your performance-improvement and career-development initiatives with Caliper’s Individual Development Guide.

Meant to be given directly to existing employees, new hires, or applicants, the Individual Development Guide (IDG) is a report that presents an individual’s strengths, motivations, and opportunity areas through easy-to-interpret graphs and constructive language. The IDG also offers practical steps for performance improvement and provides a platform for action planning.

The information presented in the IDG is derived from the results of the Caliper Profile, the foundation of all our solutions. Any time after your applicant or employee has completed our assessment, you can call or email Caliper to request the IDG. No additional assessment is required.

While the IDG is always available on a case-by-case basis, you can also set up your account so IDGs are automatically added to every assessment you order. Either way, the report will be available for view or print from your Caliper portal.

Many companies use the Individual Development Guide for individual, team, department, or enterprise-wide performance-improvement efforts.

The report can also be used to help a specific employee who is struggling. Some of our customers include an IDG with every Profile assessment they order, even if they do not hire the applicant, so the individual still has a positive takeaway from the experience.

The Benefits of the Individual Development Guide:

  • The IDG provides a springboard for the manager and the employee to build a targeted action plan
  • It can support the onboarding of new hires, performance improvement, or general career development
  • Companies that incorporate the IDG as a standard part of the development process are able to ensure consistency and limit bias in how team members are coached and guided
  • Every employee who receives an IDG also receives a message from management: “We are invested in your success”
  • The IDG is a meaningful takeaway for the employee or applicant who has completed the Caliper Profile

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