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High-Potential Employee Development

Build your leadership bench strength so your company is positioned for success now and in the future.

Many companies work on developing long-term business strategy, but how many focus on a long-term people strategy? Leaders retire or move onto other organizations, taking their experience, insight, and influence with them. Smart companies don’t go into panic mode and find themselves scrambling for quick fixes. They plan ahead by identifying and developing the high-potential employees already in their midst. But how is that done?

The surest, most systematic and data-driven method is to partner with Caliper. Using our assessment instruments, development tools, and exert coaches and consultants, we help you explore the hidden potential within your organization, define the best developmental approach and support plan for each employee, and accelerate the growth of individuals with the greatest potential for success.

With our comprehensive, data-built leadership competencies, we link your organizational needs and culture to the attributes required of your next generation of leaders.

Caliper’s High-Potential Employee Development program helps you develop the talented leaders within your own company with potential to drive your competitive strategy, support your values, and secure the future of the organization.

What steps are you taking to prepare for the retirement or loss of your current leadership? Have you looked within your organization for high potentials, a much more successful and cost-effective method of finding executives than hiring from the outside? Are you doing everything you can to retain top-performers and high-potentials?

These are the questions a senior leadership team needs to ask if they are invested in the long-term success of an organization. By taking a systematic approach to implementing a development program, they are answering with a resounding YES!

The benefits of collaborating with Caliper on such an initiative include:

  • Filling positions internally to cut down on ramp-up time, delayed productivity, and hiring costs
  • Retaining company-specific expertise and strategic knowledge
  • Fostering enthusiasm and engagement—employees are more motivated when you invest in their growth
  • Limiting disruption during leadership transition

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