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Action Learning

Action Learning accelerates leadership development while solving real-world business problems.

Action Learning is a program designed to develop high-potential employees and teams. Guided by an Action Learning Coach, program participants are tasked with tackling a genuine, urgent business problem within their organization, combining their collective knowledge and range of perspectives to come up with ideas and solutions no one could have developed alone.

During the workshop, an Action Learning Coach highlights learning opportunities, facilitates lessons, and encourages participation, and learners build confidence in their leadership potential. The skills developed during this process can be applied throughout the organization, again and again, to address whatever new challenges arise.

Action Learning groups are successful at developing groundbreaking, high-impact strategies and solutions because the program’s structure and simple rules force participants to think critically and work collaboratively. The learning is in real time and in real situations with real consequences, transforming people and organizations.

Action Learning is the preferred method top companies worldwide use to develop leaders, build teams, and improve corporate capabilities.

Whether your company is looking to develop a new generation of leaders, regain lost market share, or define a leadership culture, Caliper’s Action Learning Program can be invaluable in achieving your objective. After all, people are your greatest resource.

The Benefits of Action Learning include:

  • Developing skilled, confident, and effective leaders who can motivate and empower others
  • Solving urgent business problems
  • Transforming the company into one that adapts quickly and flexibly to change
  • Building teams that make better decisions and devise more comprehensive and creative solutions
  • Fostering a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Encouraging mentorship and a constructive-coaching mindset

To learn more about scheduling an Action Learning workshop for your organization, facilitated by an experienced Caliper Coach, please use the contact form.

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