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Certification Foundations – Virtual Event

The Foundations Virtual training program is a 6 week event designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the Caliper Profile, including content on Psychometrics, Compliance, Interview Questions, and Interpretation of Caliper Profile Behaviors and Traits.

Program Overview


Caliper’s Virtual Foundations Certification curriculum is a 6-week program, which includes six self-study modules in combination with three live webinars and coaching led by your Caliper Coach, and which will help you prepare to become a certified interpreter of the Caliper Profile.

Post-module assignments include required reading, self-study activities, and team discussions via forums in order to enhance learning and prepare the learner for the webinars. These take place during the self-paced portion of the program.

These modules and webinars include:

1.      Psychometrics and Compliance Module

2.      Job Models and Competency Library Overview Module

3.      R&D Topics and Job Analysis Practicum Webinar

4.      Traits, Behaviors, and Competencies Module

5.      Advisor Report and the Advisor Behavior Guide Module

6.      Selection Case Studies Webinar

7.      Selection and Interviewing with the Caliper Profile Module

8.      Developmental Interpretations Basics Module

9.      Developmental Feedback Case Study and Capstone Webinar

For the full program outline please click here.

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