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Certification Foundations + Masters Team Dynamics – Princeton NJ

The Foundations + Master Certification is a 3-day training program is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the Caliper Profile, including content on Psychometrics, Compliance, Interview Questions, and Interpretation of Caliper Profile Behaviors and Traits.  In addition to this Foundations program content, the Foundations + Master program includes a third day of content which includes strategic application of the Caliper Profile to key talent management initiatives.

Learning Objectives

1.      Identify components of successful teams and some effective team behaviors

2.      Distinguish the impact of effective and dysfunctional team dynamics on performance

3.      Interpret a Caliper tool for working with teams, using the Team Roles Report

4.      Create a plan for improving the effectiveness of a team within your organization

Course Outline

Team Dynamics

Content: Defining and understanding the nature of team dynamics and the qualities of an effective team. Recognizing the benefits and impacts of team dynamics on organizational performance and employee effectiveness.

Activities: Large-group discussion to better understand the definition of a team and the qualities of effective teams.

Team Effectiveness Exercise: Group exercise to determine behaviors, benefits, and threats to team effectiveness and the consequences of team dysfunction.

A Caliper Tool for Teams: Team Roles Report

Content: Introduction to and overview of the structure of the Team Roles Report, including a four-box tool that illustrates how a person is inclined to communicate and participate as a team member. Discuss the interplay and dynamics of a team of different functions or responsibilities that need to work together.

Activities: Case study of a team roles scenario, including interpreting a Team Roles Report, understanding trends in the data, and identifying strengths as well as challenging areas for the team. 

Team Roles Breakout Session

Content: Utilize actual team data, as provided by the participants, to begin analyzing client-specific Team Roles Reports relevant to the team’s situation.

Activities: In small groups, clients to take turns sharing their Team Roles Reports, including in what context does the team work together, reason for selecting the team, discussing strengths as well as challenges for the team, and next steps.

Take Home Resources

Team Roles Report

Team Roles Interpretive Guide

 Class Rate - $2995


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