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Certification Foundations + Masters Succession Planning – Princeton NJ

The Foundations + Master Certification is a 3-day training program is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the Caliper Profile, including content on Psychometrics, Compliance, Interview Questions, and Interpretation of Caliper Profile Behaviors and Traits.  In addition to this Foundations program content, the Foundations + Master program includes a third day of content which includes strategic application of the Caliper Profile to key talent management initiatives.

Learning Objectives


1.       Explain the purpose, parameters, and benefits of Succession Planning.

2.       Identify and understand the best practices and steps for a strong Succession Planning program.

3.       Understand the difference between high-performance and high-potential individuals and use the Caliper Profile to identify high potentials.

4.       Apply Caliper Profile results to enhance individual and group developmental needs.


Course Outline

What is Succession Planning?

Content: Defining and understanding of succession planning, its criticality to an organization, and the hazards of not preparing talent.

Activities: Small group activity and large group discussion to better understand your own organization’s current approach and challenges to succession planning.

Best Practices for a Strong Succession Planning Program

Content: Review of the criteria and steps for a strong succession planning program.

Activities: Self-reflection activity to assess your organization’s current and future business strategy. Large group discussion regarding the identification of leadership positions and acceleration pools.

Identification & Development of Talent

Content: Review evaluation criteria to identify high-potential talent, and understand the differences between high-potential and high-performance employees. Introduction and review of the 9-box grid as a tool to evaluate performance vs. potential. Assess developmental options and the Caliper connection to develop high-potential employees.

Activities: Small group activities to better understand how your organization currently identifies high-potential vs. high-performance employees.

Case study utilizing the 9-box tool, Caliper Profile potential scores, and performance data in order to identify high-potential talent and their developmental needs.

Self-reflective exercise utilizing your own Caliper Profile results to identify your role in your organization’s succession-planning process. 

Succession Planning Case Study

Content:  Capstone exercise to review and practice the succession planning process.

Activities: Case study of a succession planning scenario, including utilizing a job description, interpreting Caliper Profile results and performance data on candidates, and providing your recommendation for the role and plan for succession.

Take-home Resources

My Role in the Succession Planning & Management Process Handout

How Leaders Grow: A Framework for Action

 Class Rate - $2995


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