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Certification Foundations + Masters Coaching – Chicago

The Foundations + Master Certification is a 3-day training program is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the Caliper Profile, including content on Psychometrics, Compliance, Interview Questions, and Interpretation of Caliper Profile Behaviors and Traits.  In addition to this Foundations program content, the Foundations + Master program includes a third day of content which includes strategic application of the Caliper Profile to key talent management initiatives.

Learning Objectives


1.      Recognize the purpose, parameters, and benefits of coaching.  

2.      Understand Caliper’s Coaching Philosophy.

3.      Use the Caliper Profile to better understand your own coaching style.

4.      Apply Caliper Profile results and tools to enhance the results of your coaching relationships.


Course Outline

Coaching Dynamics

Content: Defining and understanding what coaching is vs. what it is not, the benefits of coaching, and how to create the coaching environment.


Roles of the Coach & Client

Content:  Review and practice two essential skills to coaching: “Coach Approach to Listening” and “Asking Powerful Questions.” Review the role of the coaching client.

Activities:  Self-Reflective exercise where learners consider how their Caliper Profile results may potentially impact their coaching style.

Silent Coaching Exercise: provides learners with the opportunity to think of a behavioral shift they would like to make as a coach.

Index Card Activity: the purpose of this exercise is for the learner to start to build a library of good discovery questions.

Connecting the Caliper Profile

Content: Review and understand how coaching differs with use of the Caliper Profile and how it could power discovery questions. Discuss the framework and steps in a coaching conversation.

Activities:  Case study of a coaching scenario, including interpreting a sample Caliper Profile to consider job-related strengths and challenges, coaching questions to consider, and possible coaching challenges and how to address them.

The Caliper Coaching Process

Content: Review of Caliper’s standard coaching program, the focus of each coaching session, concluding a coaching engagement, and measuring ROI.

Activities: Peer Coaching Exercise: Learners participate in peer coaching sessions, as both client and coach.

Take-Home Resources

Caliper Powered Discovery Questions

How Leaders Grow: A Framework for Action

 Class Rate - $2995





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