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Competency Modeling

When we create a Competency Model for your organization, we identify key objectives and define the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and abilities individuals need to meet those objectives.

A Competency Model identifies the performance competencies required to succeed in a specific role. To build the model, Caliper consultants conduct a job analysis, gathering the data necessary to determine the critical success factors and key results areas. After that, we define the competencies and the behavioral traits that are essential for a given position.

By integrating these findings with the company’s mission, goals, strategy, and corporate culture, the resulting Competency Model serves as the basis for a fully integrated talent-management process that supports best-in-class human resources and organizational development practices.

As true business partners, we review the model with you to ensure it fully covers the position and reflects your culture. We then link the Caliper Profile to your competencies to ensure you are hiring the best candidates.

Clarity around the requirements necessary for success can improve your company’s ability to hire, develop, and retain the right people.

As organizations grow and expand, it becomes necessary to transition from a “staffing” mindset to a true focus on talent development and human capital management. A Competency Model can serve as the springboard to take your HR operation to the next level.

Once a model exists for your mission-critical positions, you will be able to target your hiring, focus your onboarding efforts to get new hires up to speed quickly, refine and customize your training programs, pinpoint coaching needs, and identify high potentials for promotion.

With Competency Modeling, you will:

  • Discover the key results areas necessary for success – and if your workforce currently displays those competencies
  • Ensure your managers are hiring and developing employees based on goal-relevant criteria
  • Identify and retain high-potential employees early in their careers
  • Fine-tune your hiring by understanding the unique performance criteria for different roles

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