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Competency Library

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it is essential to have people with the right skills at the right time in order to achieve business success. Yet, the majority of today’s CEO’s and Business Leaders site as one of their biggest threats the availability of key skills and over a third have experienced difficulty filling key positions because the necessary talent wasn’t available in the market.

The Caliper Competency Library™ Competency Framework can put you on the path to success and position your business in the best position to succeed. With the Caliper Competency Library, it’s easier for you to hire and develop the talent you need and strengthen your development, selection, succession, and performance efforts. We make it easy for you to:

  • Engage the organization – The Caliper Competency Library is built upon clear, accessible language that promotes usability with highly relevant, high-impact content that’s easy to understand and action.
  • Get rich insights – Steeped in decades of research, the Caliper Competency library gives you deep, trusted insights into what matters most in a given role or level of the organization
  • Support your organizations business strategy – The content we provide is configurable so that you can emphasize the unique skills and behaviors that drive performance in your organization and industry

The Caliper Competency Library Provides:

Clarity – Human performance is complex. Caliper’s Competency Library defines what matters for each role and leadership level. It elevates the conversation beyond “price of entry” skills to focus on performance.

Precision – At the heart of the Caliper Competency Library is unrivaled talent data. Caliper has assessed over 4 million people including those at the very top levels of leadership. Our success is steeped in rigorous statistical analysis.

Breadth and depth – Caliper provides exacting talent intelligence on individual contributors, managers, senior leaders, and C-Suite executives or whole organizations. Scientifically model what you need in a given role or level based on the validity of our data and then bridge talent gaps through precision hiring, development, or both.

The big picture – see the whole person. Using Caliper competencies in conjunction with our research on traits and styles provides a more complete picture of your talent. This means you get a more exacting fit for hires and a better approach to overall talent strategy.

Inquire about licensing Caliper’s proven Competency library for your company today.

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