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At Caliper, we believe in more than simply helping companies hire and develop their talent.  We also embrace guiding principles that make us who we are, and help us to better serve our clients and community. Caliper’s Guiding Principles include:

Client Centric. We believe our clients are our most important stakeholders. Therefore, we will:

  • Engage with them in two-way dialogues and listen intently so as to better understand their needs and desires
  • Generously share our knowledge and expertise through data, education, and sound consultation
  • Offer best-in-industry products and services to earn our customers’ respect and loyalty, as well as meet their needs

Transparency. We believe in transparency by fostering a culture of trust between Caliper’s leaders, employees, and business associates. Therefore, we will:

  • Be approachable, show interest, and treat all of our colleagues and collaborators with humility and respect
  • Promote honest and genuine expressions of thought
  • Communicate openly and ask questions that promote conversation, listen to the answers, remain open to new ideas, and embrace feedback

Social Responsibility. We believe that we are all connected, and we affirm a social responsibility to the extended Caliper family as well as to the local and global community. Therefore, we will:

  • Provide purpose in our work and honor the commitments we make to family and community outside of work
  • Compassionately embrace the causes of those less fortunate and offer our financial support along with our time and talent
  • Communicate our position as thought leaders in the industry and with our clients to advance the connection of purpose with work

Intellectual Curiosity. We believe in promoting intellectual curiosity in an effort to contribute to our success within both the community and our industry. Therefore, as intellectually curious professionals, we will:

  • Invest time and energy into expanding our knowledge of people, innovation, and ideas in our line of business in order to leverage our expertise and deliver meaningful contributions to our clients and partners
  • Challenge the status quo to create new breakthroughs, combat inertia, and break down silos
  • Stimulate our own growth and skills development by crafting an annual Individual Development Plan

Diversity. We believe that diversity in thought, action, and style is a critical factor of our success. Therefore, we will:

  • Proactively promote inclusiveness with our colleagues, clients, partners, and community
  • Embrace diversity by actively seeking out a variety of voices to enrich our decisions

Collaboration. We believe that through collaboration, we will support the intentional and skillful management of relationships, thereby enabling others to succeed individually while enthusiastically accomplishing a collective outcome at Caliper. Therefore, we will:

  • Be aware of and committed to the program and to the management of Caliper’s strategic priorities
  • Accept the responsibility of supporting each other’s success by creating win-win outcomes, identifying synergies, building strong interdependence, and modeling an exemplary can-do attitude

Trust and Respect. We believe that mutual trust and respect are at the core of every successful relationship. Therefore, we will:

  • Assume and bring positive intent to our interactions with each other
  • Seek feedback, admit our mistakes, ask for help, and search for solutions together
  • Act ethically and in accordance with defined best practices
  • Be consistent in our words and actions