Improve leadership performance, help new managers transition, and develop your high-potential employees with Caliper Coaching.

Caliper offers an array one-on-one coaching tools that are customized to help participants gain self-awareness, tap into their motivations and unique talents, and focus on positive change and action.

Throughout the process, Caliper coaches work with learners to identify, develop, and strengthen effective workplace behaviors. Team members discover which existing behaviors are holding them back and partner with their coaches to develop new approaches that can lead to improved personal performance as well as better bottom-line results for your organization.

The experience may include utilizing Caliper Profile assessment results, a Three Sixty feedback session, scheduled progress calls to reinforce changes and revisit objectives, or other constructive coaching methods. The point is that we can customize the program to suit your organizational goals and talent development needs, as well as where learners are in their employee lifecycle.

Companies that invest in coaching end up with motivated and productive employees who can tap into and leverage their internal motivators for improved results while simultaneously feeling more connected to the organization that employs them.

All Caliper products and solutions ultimately serve the same purpose, which is to improve your organizational performance. If you have a vision for a new company culture, or you see an uncomfortable level of underperformance, or you need to prepare a new generation of leaders, a coaching program can be transformational. Let Caliper alleviate your coaching and development burden and give your key staff members the individual attention they deserve.

The benefits of Caliper coaching:

  • Prepares future leaders so they are ready when your company needs them most
  • Enhances your capacity to deal with changing business needs and environments
  • Develops executives who feel more confident and competent in making tough decisions
  • Improves employee morale, confidence, and creativity
  • Enhances teamwork and productivity as effective leadership philosophies begin to permeate your organization
  • Coaching sessions are designed and administered by Caliper’s team of experienced OD professionals

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