CALIPER To Present At SIOP 2015 Conference Sports Staffing Symposium: Box Scores and Bottom Lines


CALIPER To Present At SIOP 2015 Conference Sports Staffing Symposium: Box Scores and Bottom Lines

PRINCETON, N.J., April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CALIPER, a pioneer in talent assessment and consulting for over 50 years, will present at two sessions at SIOP 2015, the 30th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As part of the Sports Staffing Symposium, CALIPER will be joining the University of Georgia in a forum exploring the relationship between personality and performance, and the implications for both player and workforce personnel selection and management. The session, Box Scores and Bottom Lines: Sports Data and Staffing Research, will take place in room Liberty C on Saturday, April 25 at 1:30 PM, located at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown conference center.

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The Box Scores and Bottom Lines symposium brings together four studies that further lay the groundwork for the integration of evidence-based approaches to staffing with the unique challenges of selecting and recruiting athletes and coaches. These studies outline the research conducted across the NBA, MLB, NFL, and the NCAA basketball leagues, and will be analyzed and discussed in regard to the implications for best practices in selection and management of personnel. The panel will be led by Dr. Rodney McCloy, a SIOP fellow and leading scientist practitioner in the area of staffing and personnel selection, and joined by CALIPER Senior Vice President of Research and Development Thomas E. Schoenfelder, Ph.D., along with Co-Chairs Brian J. Hoffman and Andrea Hetrick from the University of Georgia, among other researchers from the University of Georgia and Elon University.

Dr. Schoenfelder will present CALIPER’s work over a ten-year period with eleven Major League Baseball teams – including the Mets, White Sox, Angels, Astros, Tigers, Reds, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Rays, and Nationals – to measure the correlation between on-field performance and personality. CALIPER’s findings show that the use of personality assessment has strong predictive strength and tremendous utility in identifying those who are most likely to excel in the most critical areas of baseball performance, such as OPS (On-Base Plus Slugging), WAR (Wins Above Replacement), and Plate Discipline. Among the takeaways from the CALIPER research, Dr. Schoenfelder will address best practices in predictive measurement of human performance among new hire candidates and existing employees.

In addition to the symposium, Dr. Schoenfelder will be joined by CALIPER Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Trevor J. Shylock, MS in the roundtable, Predicting Organizational Climate or Culture Fit Through Assessments, taking place on Thursday, April 23 at 11:30 AM in room Grand I. This session is intended to facilitate an open discussion among participants to further the understanding of the relationship between employee selection tools and their use in effectively matching individuals to organizational climates or cultures. 

To visit CALIPER at SIOP 2015 to further explore the session topics or company offerings, stop by booth 513.

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