Caliper Profile Validity


Caliper Profile Validity

At Caliper, we pride ourselves on our scientific rigor when it comes to ensuring the validity and the ongoing enhancement of our assessment tools. We employ a team of experienced researchers from corporate and academic backgrounds—all of whom have high-level expertise in data analysis—to conduct comprehensive, real-world studies that uncover the personality dynamics that lead to success across a wide range of jobs.

In our long history, we have analyzed personality and job performance data from over 3 million people worldwide. The results of these analyses have culminated in the valid, reliable, and easy-to-understand scores you see in your reports and discuss with your Caliper Consultant.

Caliper’s Consultants and Account Managers work closely with our Research & Development team to understand the science and stay up to date on the latest refinements to the assessment. Through rigorous training, they become well-versed in the nuances of the tool and can advise you on which personality attributes are most critical for successful job performance.

A full explanation of the science behind these results is beyond the scope of this document. However, the following table illustrates how the Caliper Profile typically exceeds industry standards for predicting work performance.

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