Caliper Precision Series

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On-The-Go, Customized Skill Development

Empower your teams with training that fits their schedule — and their specific areas of development. Caliper Precision Series is a self-paced, technology-hosted learning experience that provides specific skill development for key roles.

Caliper Precision Series includes prescribed tracks or mix-and-match content modules related to the following competencies:

 Composure and Resiliency
 Achievement and Motivation
 Relationship Building
 Time Management
 Influence and Persuasion
 Initiating Action
 Information Seeking
 Active Listening
 Interpersonal Sensitivity
 Service Focus
 Organizational Savvy
 Strategic Thinking
 Learning Ability
 Business Acumen
 Planning and Priority Setting
 Coaching and Developing Others
 Deliberative Decision Making
 Driving Results
 Analytical Thinking
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Each content module includes:

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