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Caliper Essentials Competency Reports

Announcing the NEW Caliper Essentials Report Suite — Select, Coach, and Develop your Talent

Powered by the Caliper Profile, the Caliper Essentials Competency Report Suite leverages nearly 60 years of science to help you select, coach, and develop your talent.

Why Caliper Essentials Competency Reports?

  • Multiple reports, powered by a single, robust assessment
  • 56 Universal Competencies representing 280 Behaviors
  • 52 Validated Job Models to minimize unconscious bias and add consistency to your hiring process
  • Confidently and consistently predict performance of future employees
  • Provide coaching and development to current employees and their managers

Download a sample today:

Caliper Essentials Competency Report for Selection

Caliper Essentials Competency Report for Coaching

Caliper Essentials Competency Individual Development Guide

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“Caliper Essentials is transforming the way that companies hire and develop talent.”

Heather Ishikawa, VP of Product


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