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Caliper Essentials for Coaching

essentials for coaching


Coach, Develop, and Retain Like a Pro.

The Caliper Essentials™ for Coaching report is designed to help HR professionals identify and coach top talent within their organizations. The report provides insights about an individual’s strengths, challenges, motivators and behaviors.

Unlike the Essentials for Selection report, the coaching report minimizes the emphasis on numeric scores and focuses on specific coaching questions. The goal is to coach, develop, and retain the individual rather than focusing on a number or graph.

The Essentials for Coaching report is tailored for management, sales, service, technology or other emerging roles.

About the report:

The selection report leverages all 22 of the traits measured by the Caliper Profile to:

  • Provide a holistic view of the individual and key questions to help guide a coaching conversation
  • Improve self-awareness by suggesting hidden talents or blind spots
  • Review how the individual is most likely to communicate, work with others, solve problems, make decisions and prioritize time
  • Identify high potential and top talent within an organization
  • Build a leadership pipeline with internal talent who may have otherwise been overlooked

This report is best for:

  • Organizations that want to leverage science to identify and coach talent throughout all levels of the organization
  • Human resource professionals and hiring managers who want to discuss strengths and growth opportunities with employees
  • Organizations that would like to provide employees or candidates a takeaway report after an assessment debrief

How to use the Essentials for Coaching report?

  1.  Clients who prefer to consult with an expert can work with a Caliper Consultant to identify the internal roles or future needs of the organization and advise on the ideal job model. Once candidates have complete the assessment, Caliper experts will work with the hiring team to interpret the results and provide coaching recommendations.
  2. Clients who prefer to interpret and apply the Caliper internally, can attend the Caliper Certification workshop where they will learn how to select and develop candidates based on Caliper’s robust science. Not only can certified consultants utilize the Essentials for Coaching report but, they will also learn how to integrate the data and apply it to the individual’s on-boarding and development.

Business impact of improved hiring decisions:

Improved retention – See how Granite Construction, a heavy civil general contractor and construction material producer, became better equipped to identify high-potential employees, offer targeted coaching, and maximize the productivity of their workforce. Click here for case study.

Sample Report

caliper essentials coaching coverIf you’re ready to improve your talent-management decisions, be sure to check out our Caliper Essentials™ for Selection sample report. You’ll discover why so many companies are using Caliper Essentials to improve hiring, coach, and develop their employees like never before. Click on the image to download a sample.

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If you’re an existing customer or haven’t worked with Caliper in the past, we invite you to take a closer look at Caliper Essentials for Coaching as well as other reports generated from Caliper Profile results. When you do, you’ll be joining over 60,000 other companies using Caliper for selection and development. Contact your account consultant directly or use our contact form to learn more.

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“Caliper Essentials is transforming the way that companies hire and develop talent.”

Heather Ishikawa, VP of Product


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