CALIPER Launches Caliper Analytics™ for Dynamic, Data-Driven Talent Management


CALIPER Launches Caliper Analytics™ for Dynamic, Data-Driven Talent Management

PRINCETON, N.J., March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CALIPER, a pioneer in talent assessment and consulting for over 50 years, today announced the launch of, Caliper Analytics™, a dynamic, data-driven talent management solution allowing companies to maximize organizational performance through improved alignment between their workforce and business strategies. Designed with highly intuitive interactive dashboards, business leaders can implement Caliper Analytics™ as part of a comprehensive talent management strategy to instantly see which employees are best suited for any position or work environment, at any moment in time.

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Caliper Analytics combines over 50 years of talent management and psychometric assessment expertise with advanced business analytics technology. With it, all business decision-makers have the ability to maximize performance by identifying employee development opportunities, high potential employees, and future leaders, as well as gauge an individual’s fit within a specific team or overall company culture.

“The majority of our clients have already deployed advanced analytic solutions to optimize many aspects of their organizations – from marketing and sales, to operations and manufacturing. However, we’ve found that very few have applied analytics to maximize the business value of their talent, mainly because there hasn’t been a solution available to do it. With Caliper Analytics, we set out to fill this void,” said Herb Greenberg, CEO at CALIPER.

Caliper Analytics offers talent planning dashboards, enabling business leaders to overlay a job role’s ideal competency model with any number of employee assessments, whether an individual or group, to instantly see who matches best. Further, competency parameters can be modified as requirements for that role may change. While the dashboards are intuitive enough for business managers to easily use, CALIPER also offers its consultants to take a deeper dive into the data and provide an even more strategic talent management approach.

“The majority of assessment data is a static snapshot in time, which often limits its use. As job requirements, corporate structures, business goals, and teams change, companies increasingly need a real-time, dynamic look at their workforce to place the right people in the right roles,” said Mark Greenberg, President at CALIPER. “Caliper Analytics solves this problem, incorporating data from our proprietary assessment, the Caliper Profile, into a visual toolset for more intuitive and frequent talent planning.”

As an increasing number of companies struggle to find the right talent and fail to maximize the full value of existing talent, the additional benefits of Caliper Analytics range from reducing time-to-hire and turnover, to increasing career path opportunities, and driving productivity through to improved alignment with business strategies and corporate culture. As business models evolve or companies go through mergers and acquisitions, Caliper Analytics offers an objective, data-driven view into who may succeed or struggle based on the new environment, job responsibilities, team dynamics, and corporate culture. This is an invaluable toolset for companies who want a versatile, company-wide talent management and planning solution.

Caliper Analytics was market-tested by select customers in 2014 and is now available to new and existing CALIPER clients. For pricing and additional product information, visit

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