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Caliper Workshop to Help Women Develop Leadership Presence

Women leaders are becoming an ever more critical component of business success, despite operating in work environments that have been historically challenging for them in regard to leadership opportunity and skill development. Caliper strongly believes in the benefits of leadership diversity, and to do our part, we will conduct our first Women Leaders Development Workshop on Tuesday, December 13, at the Crowne Plaza Princeton – Conference Center in Plainsboro, New …Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions: How to Maximize Your Talent

People, people, people One of the most complex challenges a business leader can face is managing through a merger or acquisition. Business models can change, market focuses shift, and, perhaps most importantly, established organizational cultures cease to exist. The effects can be profound, and not just financially. To navigate such upheaval effectively and emerge stronger on the other side, the primary leadership focus should always remain the same: People. A …Read More

Caliper Analytics: Ready for its Close-Up

Caliper’s upcoming Webinar series, starting Thursday, September 15, will help users delve deeper into Caliper Analytics and leverage the online instrument to address their most pressing talent-management needs. When used to its fullest potential, the proprietary data-driven solution allows you to access, interpret, and leverage your Caliper assessment data in a myriad of ways. Caliper Analytics can also tell a real-time story that continuously progresses and transforms based on your …Read More

Caliper’s Guide to Onboarding Millennial Employees

We’ve all heard a lot about Millennial-age employees lately. What they want, how they work, the best way to manage them, and so on … perhaps to the point that HR reps and hiring managers think they’re dealing with a herd of unicorns. But it’s not as scary as all that. The emergence of Millennials in the workforce has simply coincided with two other factors: The rise of technology, which …Read More

Personality Assessments and Behavioral Interviewing: A Winning Combination

A personality assessment is a small investment in the bigger scheme of things. You’re attempting to hire someone who will perform critical work for your organization, and once that person is on board, you will spend many thousands of dollars on salary, training, benefits, and career development. If an applicant’s motivations don’t line up with the job and, as a result, she ends up moving on or being terminated, the …Read More

Experience-Diversity: Her Name is Rio

We need a word for when virtually everyone recognizes a better way to do something but keeps doing it the same old way anyhow. That word would come in handy when we talk about hiring practices. “Experience Diversity”—i.e., what you get when you build a team of people from different industries and backgrounds—is a major key to innovation in business, yet companies continue to overemphasize industry tenure when evaluating applicants. …Read More

Become Caliper Certified this September!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the CALIPER Profile and become your organization’s in-house advisor, we have good news: Caliper is offering a Foundations Certification event on September 27-28 and a Master Certification event on September 29, 2016. Both programs will be presented at the Crowne Plaza Princeton in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Foundations-level Certification will expand your knowledge of CALIPER Profile interpretation, provide an introduction to the science …Read More

Rejuvenate Your Succession Plan

Who doesn’t love the marriage of entrepreneurship and science? With companies like Virgin Galactic developing the space tourism industry and Local Motors 3D-printing cars, it’s hard not to admire the human spirit in action. Not to be outdone, BioViva USA—a company specializing in regenerative medicine—is out to revolutionize healthcare through gene and cell therapy. The company even claims to have successfully rejuvenated a human being through an experimental procedure meant …Read More

Are You Experienced?

We all know the digital economy is changing the way we buy goods and services. But if it wasn’t enough for brick-and-mortar businesses to keep up with internet purchasing, now they are fending with consumers choosing experiences (i.e., anything that Amazon Prime can’t ship you) ahead of “stuff.” People are hungrier than ever for things that don’t come packed in Styrofoam. Consumers are now treating their money as a more …Read More

Go “Beyond” Outdated Hiring Practices

Star Trek, in all its iterations, has always been about potential. Whether racing across the galaxy in Federation starships, exploring strange new worlds, or serving as ambassadors of peace aboard the space station Deep Space Nine, its diverse cast of humans and aliens has learned—and proven—again and again that creativity and teamwork can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Though the technology featured in the Star Trek television shows and movies is …Read More