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No Room for Dinosaurs in Today’s World of Work

Setting: A retail establishment, 8:30 a.m. on a weekday. A manager stands before his 15-person team at a morning meeting, displaying a printed document to the group. “This is an email from corporate,” he says, “about a new flexible-scheduling initiative.” He smirks, rips the page in half, and tosses a piece over each shoulder. The scraps flutter ignominiously to the industrial-grade carpet. “That’s what I think of flex scheduling. You …Read More

Do Outdated Hiring and Development Practices Bug You?

Would you “Believe” Cher belted out the top song of 1999? So says Billboard, authority on all things pop music. Not far behind her was Smash Mouth, who made the musical “All Star” team (just that one time). But as we got distracted by “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and feared the impending Y2K bug, our sights should have been trained on another type of bug: the cicada. Each group of …Read More

Executive Coaching is Not Just for Executives

When you hear “Executive Coaching,” do you imagine two senior leaders in high-backed leather chairs hashing out performance problems from inside a top-floor, corner office that’s accessible to only the most high-ranking company employees? That scenario encapsulates the two biggest myths of executive coaching: It’s only for senior leaders In truth, executive coaching is useful for any manager or high-potential management candidate. The process helps identify strengths, motivations, and developmental …Read More

4 “Bad Manager” Habits that are Easily Fixed

Bad Managers are great! Not for employees or the companies that employ them, but, for those of us tasked with creating web content, they are gold. Google the topic and see for yourself. Last week, we examined the recent online chatter and compiled a greatest-hits list of bad leadership behaviors. That post featured the six habits that showed up most often on popular business and HR sites’ “Signs You Are …Read More

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Rest of Us

“Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” That’s the teaser for so many online personality tests, and why not? People like to talk about themselves (especially in quiz form it seems). Never mind that you already know if you are reserved or outgoing. Sometimes you need to validate it by answering: What would you rather do on Friday night? A.) Sing Karaoke in a Manhattan nightclub –or– B.) Watch Netflix …Read More

Employee Development Tools on Any Budget

It’s finally here. Tax Day, 2016. Inexorable, ineluctable. Time to feed the beast and render unto Caesar. Or, as Ray Liotta memorably said in Goodfellas… well, we can’t actually write it in a company blog. Suffice to say, it ends with, “Pay me.” But whether you’re still sweating over your 1040 or celebrating a windfall from Uncle Sam, there’s one hidden tax that will hit a business in its bottom line: …Read More

“Bad Manager” Greatest Hits

The internet loves lists, and there’s no shortage of “bad manager” lists out there in cyberspace. From Seven Signs You Are a Bad Manager to Seven Signs You Have a Bad Manager, each tries to prove more insightful than the rest. Using a highly scientific approach (Google searching and our ability to count), we’ve scoured the popular business sites, made a master list of every bad-manager quality identified, and sorted …Read More

Does Your Talent Management Strategy Need an Update?

The saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But how do you know if it’s broken? On the surface, it might seem like your company’s talent management plan is working, But it could be important to take a deeper dive into your strategies to determine if there is room for improvement. Mercer’s 2016 Global Talent Trends Survey examines trends that affect today’s World of Work, and the study …Read More

Shift Your Leaders into High Gear with Executive Coaching

For directors of Talent Management, it’s critical to bring in talent that aligns with strategy, business initiatives, and company culture. Despite these efforts, not every applicant turns into an All-Star. Enter executive coaching. Executive coaching, through a trusted talent-management partner, supports change and goal attainment by helping participants understand their individual management styles and how they can work more effectively within the company’s culture. Melinda Kennedy, Organizational Development Consultant with …Read More

How Learning Agility “Drives” Innovation

On April 1, Tesla started accepting online reservations for their Model 3 vehicle, a fully electric car that they unveiled in March 2016 but that won’t go into production until late 2017. That’s a LONG wait time. Yet Tesa received more than 325,000 reservations, a number that was at least twice what CEO Elon Musk had anticipated. In other car news, Volvo announced this week that they will begin testing …Read More

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