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What We Learned: Caliper Analytics is Just Getting Started

At the first-ever Caliper Analytics™ conference held on June 16th at the Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Center in Princeton, New Jersey, one thing became clear: we’ve only scratched the surface of what Caliper’s analytics platform can and will be able to do. For the HR leaders and business executives in attendance—many of whom were already Caliper Analytics users—the event was an opportunity not just to learn but to engage and …Read More

Shift into High Gear with Behavioral Competencies

Many of us remember, years ago, being told that a stick shift is superior to an automatic transmission. “You’re in control,” a wise person would explain. “You go faster, you get better gas mileage, and you know better than the car. Plus it’s more fun.” We’ll leave the “fun” argument to car enthusiasts. One thing is for sure, though: Back in the day, staid family cars came equipped with an …Read More

How a Channel Partnership Can Help Diversify Your Business

For talent management/OD consulting practices, forming channel partnerships is one of the best ways to enhance your value proposition to existing accounts without spending time and money developing new products.  Another major advantage of such partnerships is the opportunity to grow your revenue through diversification. “A channel partnership is a great business vehicle for diversifying your offerings across different demographics and industries,” says Anthony Pantaleone, Director of Partnership Development at Caliper. …Read More

Understanding Personality Allows Us to Bridge Generational Gaps

By Jennie Hollmann, Ph.D. Despite what you’ve heard, the impact of generational differences may be slightly overblown. What isn’t overstated, though, is that businesses, due to a multitude of factors, are being forced to contend with five unique generations in their workforces; increasingly, managers are navigating a busy intersection of wholly different cultural, economic, and societal norms that people bring with them into the office. So, what’s the best way …Read More

Creating Meaningfulness for Millennial Workers

With Millennial-age employees becoming the largest generational group in the workforce, senior leaders are dying to know: What do they want? How do we keep them from job hopping? What planet are they from? These young people are going to be running things soon, so we need to find out if we can trust them. Let’s address the last concern first: Millennials are from right here on Earth and maybe, …Read More

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 2

Rapidly evolving technology is making it easier and easier for consumers to make informed purchases without the need of a salesperson.  With software available that qualifies needs and makes recommendations as well as a human can, transactional salespeople may not be needed much longer. Sales, as a job, isn’t going away, but it is changing. There’s an ever-increasing focus on relationship management, specialized expertise (understanding analytics as well as complex …Read More

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 1

If you sell for a living, technology can be your friend or your enemy. It’s up to you. Automation has been impacting other types of roles for a while now, but it has finally caught up to sales. With so much information in consumers’ hands, and e-commerce software enabling self-checkout of even big-ticket items like automobiles, the transactional sale between salesperson and customer is on the endangered list—if not going …Read More

The Classical Age of Talent Management is Now

The ancient Greeks didn’t contribute much to the world of art, aside from developing and defining the major forms, techniques, perspectives, and philosophies we still use today. From the High Classic though the Hellenistic periods, they set the benchmark by which western art has been measured since. In other words, minor stuff. If you happen to find yourself in New York City between now and July 17, you’ll have an …Read More

Choosing the Right Channel Partner for Your Consulting Business – Part 2

Channel partnerships offer tremendous business opportunities in terms of adding value to your offerings, extending your reach into the market, drastically reducing your overhead, and compressing your learning curve. In our last post, we detailed these advantages for consulting practices in HR, Organizational Development, I/O Psychology, and similar businesses. However, before you begin building a network of channel partnerships, take these words to heart: choose wisely. Of course, the ultimate …Read More

Choosing the Right Channel Partner for Your Consulting Business – Part 1

The Information Age has changed the way we do business: News travels at light speed now, and consumers have more choices than ever. Technology has knocked down walls, erased borders, and expanded choices. It has also created a greater demand for relationships and trusted advisors. Remember that information is everywhere, but insights from trusted advisors are rare and valued. With so much information competing for your client’s mindshare, it pays …Read More