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Using Personality Assessments for Any Candidate, in Any Role

In Caliper’s more than 50 years of researching job match and job fit, we have found that – when it comes to salespeople –it’s not just personality that makes a job fit or the motivation they possess that makes them successful. Just because someone has the empathy and ego-drive to persuade people, there’s no guarantee they will succeed in the role. It is important to look at the job itself …Read More

People Analytics and Talent Development

By: David Solot, PhD. and Frank Costanzo In this four-part series, Caliper’s Frank Costanzo and Dr. Dave Solot tackle the why and how of using people analytics and personality data to develop your workforce. Part I : The Potential of Big Data Several months ago, a client approached us with an interesting issue.  They were working with a manufacturing company that was going through a period of significant change. In …Read More

Outer Space… Meet Inner Space | Caliper Analytics Helps You Explore New Horizons of Your Own

Exploring the outer limits of our solar system, NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft has completed its epic 9-year journey to Pluto. As the spacecraft takes the first ever close-up photographs of the frigid dwarf planet, principal scientist Alan Stern told the good people of Earth that the scientific capabilities of New Horizons are going to “knock your socks off.” Rarely do current events have the possibility of sparking the interests of, …Read More

Park the Shark

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again! That’s right, it’s Shark Week, when America celebrates pushy, aggressive salespeople who pounce on unsuspecting customers, take their money, and send them floating downriver before anyone has a chance to figure out what the heck just happened. Just kidding. Shark Week, courtesy of Discovery Channel, is a celebration of nature’s most perfect killing machine, the shark. We all have our favorite shark species, …Read More

Caliper’s Business Solutions Help You Avoid Having to be “Really Good at Firing”

Ever wonder what separates a $50,000 earner from someone who banks $7 million a year at one of New York’s premier real-estate brokerages – besides the $6,950,000? According to one firm’s principal, it does not come down to contacts or how hard a person works. It boils down to “having something to prove and getting back after taking a hit.” “What’s the essence of all real-estate brokerages or any other …Read More

The Self-Managing Company: Aligning Individual and Organizational Competencies

Across industries, markets, and the world around, all companies have something in common: someone always needs to be in charge, right? Maybe, maybe not. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recently began to transition the company from a traditional management structure to a self-managing, self-organizing model—no bosses, no managers, no bureaucracy to hinder creativity and innovation. In light of the fundamental changes the company is undergoing and the potential difficulty for the …Read More

The Value of an Education Isn’t so Black and White: Dr. Herb Greenberg, CALIPER Founder, Explains Why Helping People With Your Degree is What Matters Most

 Is a higher education still the prerequisite for success?  The crippling student loan crisis, and the rise of technology workers, has led to a heated debate on this subject in the mainstream. However, while many may equate a higher education simply with a higher salary, the truth is that a higher education is often a proactive remedy for the universal struggle for a higher purpose in life that most people …Read More

Clever Girl: Using Competencies to Create a Roadmap for Success

“Welcome to Jurassic Park.” It’s an iconic line from an iconic movie that has a long-awaited third sequel finally hitting movie theaters this week.  If you haven’t seen the original Jurassic Park, prepare for a spoiler: things do not go well in John Hammond’s theme park. Based on trailers for the new film, Jurassic World, it looks like we can expect even more dinosaur chaos, this time in a shiny …Read More

Whether in Sports or Business, Competencies are Key – Message from the CEO

If you’re a sports fan, you will surely recognize many of the teams Caliper has worked with over the years. Since 1980, we’ve evaluated more than 60,000 athletes for dozens of professional and college teams. You may be thinking, “The Caliper Profile is a workplace personality assessment that predicts behavior on the job. How in the world could you use that in sports?” Well, the tools that predict behavior in …Read More

Finding Your Own Thoroughbred

Will he or won’t he? Uncertainty gives sports their intrigue, and few sporting outcomes are more intriguing than the possibility of a Triple Crown winner, precisely because a Triple Crown win is so rare. Unless you live in a cave with no access to TV or Internet, you probably know that thoroughbred racehorse American Pharoah has already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes and will be running for …Read More

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