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A Free Webinar about Caliper Analytics. Yeah!

Caliper 2.0 has arrived. That’s right; Caliper Analytics is now live and about to redefine the talent-management landscape, and we’re hosting a free webinar to prove it. On Wednesday, April 8 at noon EST, our own Frank Costanzo and David Solot PhD. Will lead a webinar entitled Predictive Talent Analytics for Hiring and Selection, during which they will explain how Caliper Analytics provides clients with unprecedented information about employee potential …Read More

Message From The CEO: There Is No “I” in Team

I tend to refer to sports metaphors in many of my messages to help illustrate my point when looking at individuals’ potential job performance. And this time around is no different, so here I go again with my sports analogies. My excuse is this: how can you talk about team development without referring to sports? Simply put, you can’t. With spring training in full swing in March, we occasionally touch …Read More

When Hiring, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Looks to Align Values and Ensure Fit

Facebook may have more than a billion users, but, when it comes to hiring, it “is not a company for everyone in the world,” said Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. When looking to bring new people on board, he and his team look for candidates whose values align with those of the company. In a question and answer session, the Facebook founder and …Read More

Are You a Team Player?

It’s pretty much a given that employers want their staff members to be “team players.” What hiring manager is going to say, “Team player? Nah, I’d really like to add some selfish backstabbers to my group”? In a job interview, we want the people who hire us to know we are indeed team players. But what does that really mean? That we are nice to our co-workers? That management can …Read More

Caliper’s Analytics Allows Clients to Define the User Experience And Mine Workforce Talent in Different Ways

Caliper has officially ushered in a significant change that promises to shift the HR-management landscape. We are excited to introduce Caliper Analytics, which is a dynamic and client-friendly dashboard that acts as a digital Swiss army knife, giving users an array of talent-management tools. Whether highlighting your departments’ most promising individuals or seeking a broad view of existing personnel, Caliper Analytics provides you on-the-fly insights into your talent. Gone are …Read More

What Are the Truly Meaningful Differences Between Men and Women Leaders?

In a recent Forbes commentary titled “Women shouldn’t have to lead like men to be successful,” contributor Roxane Gay discusses Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book Lean In and the message she feels it conveys regarding women leaders. “Lean In’s loudest unspoken advice,” she writes, “seems to dictate that women should embrace masculine qualities (self-confidence, risk-taking, aggression, etc.).” But are these qualities – self-confidence, risk-taking, and aggression – actually “masculine?” In a …Read More

Message from the CEO: Your Future Leaders are Right in Front of You

Your Future Leaders Are Right in Front of You When we talk about identifying and then developing leaders, we frequently find that potential leaders are everywhere – including within your own organizations. They’re often closer than you think. Leaders are not usually identified during the normal course of recruitment. A great example of this is baseball player Jacob deGrom, who was playing as a light-hitting shortstop. However, he was drafted …Read More

What Leaders Can Learn from Chinese New Year Traditions: Strengthening Bonds and Bringing Prosperity

The Chinese New Year holiday season begins this month. Traditionally, Chinese New Year – or Spring Festival as it’s often called – is a holiday that focuses on home and family. Many of the rituals carried out during Chinese New Year are meant to get rid of inauspicious energies in the home and bring luck and prosperity to the household. This year, the Chinese New Year kicks off on February …Read More

Leadership is Like a Box of Chocolates

If you’re playing a game of Guess the Movie Quote, it’s safe to say you and everyone else will know that “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get” comes from Forrest Gump. That quote isn’t really accurate, of course. Better quality boxes of chocolate tell you what’s inside each piece so you can make an informed decision about how to spend your calories. …Read More

2 Critical Questions Good Leaders Ask to Bring out the Best in Their People

Leadership is a complex concept with many layers, which is why so many books exist on the topic and why organizational-development firms like Caliper offer executive coaching and other specialty consulting services aimed at developing high-potential employees. Becoming a good leader is not like flipping a switch. Sometimes it feels as if all these messages about leadership are hitting us like a tidal wave, and they can be confusing and …Read More