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Choosing the Right Channel Partner for Your Consulting Business – Part 2

Channel partnerships offer tremendous business opportunities in terms of adding value to your offerings, extending your reach into the market, drastically reducing your overhead, and compressing your learning curve. In our last post, we detailed these advantages for consulting practices in HR, Organizational Development, I/O Psychology, and similar businesses. However, before you begin building a network of channel partnerships, take these words to heart: choose wisely. Of course, the ultimate …Read More

Choosing the Right Channel Partner for Your Consulting Business – Part 1

The Information Age has changed the way we do business: News travels at light speed now, and consumers have more choices than ever. Technology has knocked down walls, erased borders, and expanded choices. It has also created a greater demand for relationships and trusted advisors. Remember that information is everywhere, but insights from trusted advisors are rare and valued. With so much information competing for your client’s mindshare, it pays …Read More

Building a Gold Medal–Winning Team

With the 2016 Rio Olympics fast approaching, top athletes from around the globe are vying for the final few spots available to represent their respective countries at the games. To make it this far, each contestant has had to take a single-minded approach to maximizing his or her personal performance potential and has pushed him or herself to be the best of the best. For a nation’s Olympic committee, however, …Read More

We Strongly Agree That Businesses Should Survey Employees

The trepidation many businesses have toward conducting employee-engagement surveys is similar to that felt by those of us who avoid our annual physical: You’ve put it off for too long. You might be faced with some hard truths, and it’s probably going to reinforce what you already know… so, should you still go? “Of course, you should still go,” says Jennie Hollmann, Ph.D., Director, Organizational Research at Caliper.  “You need …Read More

What Does “Company Culture” Look Like?

The phrase “company culture” gets tossed around a lot in modern business discourse. It must be important because people keep talking about it, but what is it? Most definitions fall along the generic lines of “the shared mission, values, practices, and actions of an organization and its employees.” The problem with that definition is a lack of meaningful descriptiveness. It’s like explaining to someone that a rectangle is “a shape.” …Read More

Expertise: A Potential Derailer for Leaders at all Levels

When differentiating between managing and leading, American scholar and organizational consultant Warren Bennis famously stated that “managers do things right, and leaders do the right thing.” In my experience as an executive coach, the leading-versus-managing debate is a false dichotomy that distorts the true nature of executive work. All leadership roles – from first-line supervisor to CEO – can be broken down into three main categories: Leader, Manager, and Expert. …Read More

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role?

Every office, warehouse, and production facility has one: an employee who takes up an inequitable portion of the supervisor’s time and effort. This employee may bring important knowledge and experience to the role, but he also causes frustration for management, and other team members, because he “just doesn’t get it.” What “it” is varies from job to job, but the scenario plays out in a similar way. First, there’s the …Read More

Help Your New Hires “Stick the Landing”

This SpaceX story is simply hogging all the cool, not leaving much for the rest of us. If you haven’t followed the event: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket not only successfully deployed a Japanese communications satellite into orbit Friday, it also flew back to Earth and landed on a platform floating in the ocean. These sound like details from a 1950s science fiction movie, minus the man-eating alien stowaway that secretly …Read More

Unmasking the Real Job Applicant

The reviews are stellar. The advance ticket sales have approached Star Warsian levels. The nachos cost $13 (what!). The summer blockbuster season has arrived, and Captain America: Civil War is about to set an opening-weekend box-office bar that few films this summer can hope to reach (where’s Mortdecai 2 when you need it?). Come on, it’s got Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, …Read More

Analytics Allows You to Counterpunch

Having been literally KO’ed in the ring and forced to reinvent himself out of it, the controversial Mike Tyson is perhaps the most appropriate person to utter his oft-quoted line: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Thankfully, the business world is a noncontact sport, and rarely do even the metaphorical gloves come off.  Heck, we even resort to the occasional fistbump! Still, the former heavyweight …Read More