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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to People Analytics

A science fiction satire from the `80s provides the ultimate guide for working with Big Data and People Analytics. Everyone struggles with the potential and the promise of Big Data from time to time, and even the most adept data scientist can get lost in the numbers.  As Geoffrey Garnet, Dean of The Wharton School, said during a recent presentation: Big Data can be a bit like a blizzard—you have …Read More

Message from the CEO – Who is your next in line?

When companies are recruiting, their top-of-mind concern is usually to ensure that they find someone well suited and qualified to do the required job. However, far too often, many companies stop there. Usually the questions they want answered include: Will this person be a good Customer Service Representative? Or will this individual be a suitable salesperson for our northwest division? Enter succession planning. Succession planning isn’t merely ‘who will be …Read More

Caliper Workout Challenges: Strengthening Bodies and Relationships

Caliper Workout Challenges: Strengthening Bodies and Relationships If you build it, they will come. No, I’m not talking about the Field of Dreams. I’m talking about Caliper’s Workout Challenges group. In September 2014, five Caliper employees decided that they would get together at the same time each workday to complete a brief exercise, which would give them an opportunity to get up and get moving. Each day they complete one …Read More

4 Critical Elements of Succession Planning

You will be replaced. Don’t feel bad; it happens to all of us. It’s the cycle of life in the business world. But whether you are taking on a new role or sailing into retirement, it’s important that the person following your footsteps is ready and able to tackle the challenge. Hopefully, that person is already on the payroll. In a very practical sense, developing and retaining leadership talent is …Read More

Succession Planning: The Game-Winning Goal

Sports fans love a “Legendary Performance” story. Think of the Montreal Canadiens’ Hall-of-Fame goaltender Patrick Roy carrying his entire team to a Stanley Cup championship in 1993. Realistically, Montreal’s roster was mediocre that year and had no business reaching the finals much less taking home the Cup. Earning 10 of his 16 playoff wins in sudden-death overtime that spring, Roy simply refused to yield. But while those moments make for …Read More

Finding Your Dave Roberts

As we finally put away the winter coats and crack the windows to welcome the changing season, it reminds us that one of our rites of spring, baseball, is about to begin. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the NFL, baseball has endured and still remains part of the quintessential American spirit. But why? It doesn’t hurt that baseball comes equipped with its own quirky lexicon, folksy charm, and the homespun …Read More

A Free Webinar about Caliper Analytics. Yeah!

Caliper 2.0 has arrived. That’s right; Caliper Analytics is now live and about to redefine the talent-management landscape, and we’re hosting a free webinar to prove it. On Wednesday, April 8 at noon EST, our own Frank Costanzo and David Solot PhD. Will lead a webinar entitled Predictive Talent Analytics for Hiring and Selection, during which they will explain how Caliper Analytics provides clients with unprecedented information about employee potential …Read More

Message From The CEO: There Is No “I” in Team

I tend to refer to sports metaphors in many of my messages to help illustrate my point when looking at individuals’ potential job performance. And this time around is no different, so here I go again with my sports analogies. My excuse is this: how can you talk about team development without referring to sports? Simply put, you can’t. With spring training in full swing in March, we occasionally touch …Read More

When Hiring, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Looks to Align Values and Ensure Fit

Facebook may have more than a billion users, but, when it comes to hiring, it “is not a company for everyone in the world,” said Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. When looking to bring new people on board, he and his team look for candidates whose values align with those of the company. In a question and answer session, the Facebook founder and …Read More

Are You a Team Player?

It’s pretty much a given that employers want their staff members to be “team players.” What hiring manager is going to say, “Team player? Nah, I’d really like to add some selfish backstabbers to my group”? In a job interview, we want the people who hire us to know we are indeed team players. But what does that really mean? That we are nice to our co-workers? That management can …Read More