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Are You Experienced?

We all know the digital economy is changing the way we buy goods and services. But if it wasn’t enough for brick-and-mortar businesses to keep up with internet purchasing, now they are fending with consumers choosing experiences (i.e., anything that Amazon Prime can’t ship you) ahead of “stuff.” People are hungrier than ever for things that don’t come packed in Styrofoam. Consumers are now treating their money as a more …Read More

Go “Beyond” Outdated Hiring Practices

Star Trek, in all its iterations, has always been about potential. Whether racing across the galaxy in Federation starships, exploring strange new worlds, or serving as ambassadors of peace aboard the space station Deep Space Nine, its diverse cast of humans and aliens has learned—and proven—again and again that creativity and teamwork can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Though the technology featured in the Star Trek television shows and movies is …Read More

Alignment – Is it driving you off the road?

“The good news is your brakes are fine,” the service rep told me over the phone. “But your alignment is horrible.” I had taken my car in to get checked out before heading out on the annual summer road trip, so this wasn’t a welcome problem and would need to be fixed. Could it be that procrastinating on regular maintenance wasn’t paying the dividends I thought it would? Just as …Read More

To ‘Pokémon Go’ Where No App Has Gone Before

For those of you who haven’t mustered the nerve to ask your daughter or co-worker what the latest gaming craze is all about, we’re here for you. Think of Pokémon Go as a digital scavenger hunt or game of Capture the Flag. Except the whole United States is playing, and you’re racing to amass virtual Pokémon (pocket monsters) instead of old railroad ties! Using your smartphone’s camera and GPS tracking, …Read More

Employers, Look to Behavioral Competencies When Hiring

Though there’s little indication that long-term, repetitive experience in a given role equates to strong performance in a similar role at a different organization, many companies continue to disregard intrinsic motivation and diversity of experience as factors in improving individual and team results. Of course, certain skills require time to develop. In an era of declining workforce participation, however, it might benefit some organizations to look beyond standard hiring practices …Read More

Millennials’ Message to Managers: Game On

If you haven’t heard, Zelda and Link will reunite in Breath of the Wild, the newest “Legend of Zelda” installment, to be released in 2017. While gamers still know next to nothing about Nintendo’s newest videogame system, NX, the internet is abuzz about Breath of the Wild. Pardon the pun, but it’s assured to be a game-changer, equipped with an unprecedentedly large playable landscape. The game’s map would literally take …Read More

Caliper’s Impact on the 2016 NBA Draft

Imagine you are the General Manager of an NBA team, sweating at the draft table. Several top-ranked college basketball players have similar performance records and physical attributes, but you are well aware that not all of them are destined to be all-stars. Some will rise up, win championships, and become household names; others will flame out. You are under considerable pressure not to waste a precious draft pick on the …Read More

What We Learned: Caliper Analytics is Just Getting Started

At the first-ever Caliper Analytics™ conference held on June 16th at the Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Center in Princeton, New Jersey, one thing became clear: we’ve only scratched the surface of what Caliper’s analytics platform can and will be able to do. For the HR leaders and business executives in attendance—many of whom were already Caliper Analytics users—the event was an opportunity not just to learn but to engage and …Read More

Shift into High Gear with Behavioral Competencies

Many of us remember, years ago, being told that a stick shift is superior to an automatic transmission. “You’re in control,” a wise person would explain. “You go faster, you get better gas mileage, and you know better than the car. Plus it’s more fun.” We’ll leave the “fun” argument to car enthusiasts. One thing is for sure, though: Back in the day, staid family cars came equipped with an …Read More